Roosevelt’s Dining Center fails to cater to vegan students

Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University

Abigail Bovard
Staff Reporter

As of 2015, the McCormick Dining Center on campus boasts an “A rating” for having vegan and vegetarian options in the cafeteria. Although according to peta2, a youth animal rights association, the dining facility holds a “C rating” as of 2018.

Roosevelt still advertises that vegetarian and vegan students have a better selection than they actually have. Students who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet have very few options for their meals.

Vegetarians may have a few more eating options compared to their vegan counterparts. For vegan students, it is much harder to eat in the cafeteria. They have to be sure what they are eating does not contain any sort of animal product.

Roosevelt offers vegan chicken sandwiches and vegan grilled cheese at the grill portion of the cafeteria and students do have the option to eat salads every day.

“I wasn’t too pleased because there were only three things I could eat from the grill that were vegan, even then I would find pieces of bacon in my food every so often,” said sophomore vegan student, Olivia Byrnes. In spite of improvements from last year, Byrnes said it’s not any better.

Byrnes said the Vegan Report Card, an analysis covered by animal advocacy group Peta, isn’t accurate. “The ‘Vegan Report Card’ our cafeteria was given an A but that’s far from accurate.” The cafeteria either needs more vegan options, or needs to change the grade in order to be accurate. Byrnes said that the cafeteria deserves a C- instead.

“I’m not very happy with the cafeteria food as a vegetarian. Although I see that the cafeteria makes an effort to incorporate vegan meals into the food plan, I feel that there are not nearly enough options.” said freshman vegetarian student, Karina Aguilar, saying she wishes the school Roosevelt had more variety.

“I would give it a ‘B- rating.’ The effort is there. I just really wish they had more of a variety,” Aguilar said.

Other colleges and universities across Chicago have more options for the vegan students.

According to Columbia College Chicago’s menu on Sodexo, students have over twenty vegetarian options such as a double chocolate muffin and grilled cheese. For vegan students they have around fifteen different options. Vegan students can decide from hash browned diced potatoes and grits for breakfast, potato leek soup for lunch and oven roasted squash with mushrooms or rice for dinner.

At Loyola University, student Katelyn Piwowar said their dining hall caters to vegan students.

“Each dining hall has multiple vegetarian and vegan options and we have a whole separate dining hall that specializes in vegan and vegetarian options,” Piwowar said.

Piwowar said the selection is changed daily. “There are staples that are there every day like pizza and a grill section, but the other stuff is different every day and switches when its lunch or dinner,” Piwowar said.

DePaul University also offers more vegetarian and vegan than Roosevelt. They offer vegan options such as blueberry pancakes and tofu jambalaya.

Freshman DePaul student Ardit Breznica said DePaul also has a lot of options.

“For every three to four non vegan options there is one vegan option to choose from,” Breznica said.

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