Protestors Rally Nationwide in Support of Robert Mueller’s Investigation

By Samantha Latson

Thousands of demonstrators marched from Federal Plaza to Trump International Hotel and Tower as a way to advocate for protection for Robert Mueller’s investigation dealing with the possible collusion of President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.

The protest was organized by Indivisible Chicago, a group of Chicago-area residents alarmed by the 2016 election and committed to resisting the Trump agenda. There were subsequent sister marches that occurred across the country. Women, men and children of all races gathered in the brisk streets of Chicago with signs such as “Nobody is Above the Law” protesting Presidents Trump’s recent political agenda.

Cars honked in solidarity while demonstrators chanted, “This is what democracy looks like,” “Hey, Oh, Trump and Pence have got to go” and “The people united will never be defeated” while marching through the loop.  


Some demonstrators said they felt it was their duty to support this movement when asked why they were protesting.

Michele Haptonstahl, 62, a resident of Oak Park expressed her motivation for continuing to come to protests and marches. “I come out whenever I can because this is what we can do together, it brings us together and my anger has to go somewhere,” Haptonstahl said.

Chicago resident Prasanna Raghav, 28, felt he had to do more than sit back and watch. “It’s not okay, what’s happening is not right. I just can’t take it sitting at home everyday watching the news. It’s time for all of us to step up and come together.”

Like many, Marena McPherson, 69, wants to protect the Mueller investigation. “I would like to protect the Mueller investigation, and I believe that Whittaker is the wrong person to take control of it, he has put himself on record that he is opposed to it and has called it a witch hunt.”


To some, Trump’s recent actions in firing Jeff Sessions made a statement to Americans.

“His actions show that he is taking action to obstruct the investigation. If he was to fire Sessions, the next line of succession would be Rosenstein, but instead he put his person who has gone on record to opposing the investigation.” McPherson said.

Dick Durbin, the Senator of Illinois, was also in attendance at the rally.. “Trump’s actions signaled that he wanted to take action quickly in the Mueller investigation,” Durbin said.                                                                                                                  

This event showed that Americans can come together as one to stand for a common belief and express their frustrations regardless of  differences.

“It’s time for the working class people to step up, it’s not the white people, black people, asian, or hispanic people it’s everybody,” Raghav said.

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