The Up and Coming Honors Council

By Samantha Latson
Staff Reporter

Honors Council

The Honors Council members. Photo by Samantha Latson.

On Oct. 29 the Honors Leadership Council held their second meeting. The honors program at Roosevelt University has been in existence for 20 years and within those 20 years there has never been an honors leadership council involving honors students.

The Honors Council is a way for honors students to connect and have an impact on campus. When asked what the purpose of the council is, Elleon Dobias, sophomore and the council president, felt it was important for honors students to unite and provide a space for conversation.   

“With so many honors students interspersed throughout RU’s many academic courses, council meetings are a time for honors students to come together to collaborate and share about collective experiences within the honors program and exercise creative ways to improve, or enhance these experiences both for ourselves and for others,” Dobias said.

Both Dobias and Erin O’Neill, the Honors Council advisor, feel that it is important for honors students to not only communicate but have influence on campus.

“We wanted the honors program to have a greater presence on campus in hopes of creating a stronger sense of community among each other, and to recruit more students to the program.  The desire is for students to have leadership positions in this group, giving them the opportunity to plan and implement events and ideas on campus,” O’Neill said.

Students who are members of the council also see the importance for honors to make a statement on campus. Casey Fitzpatrick a sophomore media studies major expressed the importance for Honors to have representation.

“I’d like to see more visibility for the club on campus, which would include more interaction with the students who are not already in it. This way, we could accumulate more members and gain more of a presence,” Fitzpatrick said.  

As the honors program continues to progress, Dobias wants students to value and recognize the honors program. “In growing the Honors presence (on and off campus), it’s our hope that students will begin to recognize and appreciate Honors as a community as well as an earned designation,” Dobias said. Being apart of honors not only allows students to enhance their learning, but also enjoy it at the same time.

When asked what being an honors student at Roosevelt University means, Karen M. Wangensten, sophomore international studies, indicated that honors gives her the opportunity to indulge into various courses

“To me, being an Honors Student at Roosevelt means that I get more involved in what I’m actually learning about in intriguing academics, and I get to share that with other like-minded students,” Wangensten said.

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