CCPA’s Selective Wind Ensemble & Chorus Perform in Ganz Hall

Jordan Geriane
Staff Reporter


The Music Conservatory showcases a performance by the Wind Ensemble & Chorus. Photo courtesy of CCPA Wind Ensemble & Chorus Performance Facebook page.

The CCPA Music Conservatory hosted the highly selective wind ensemble and the esteemed conservatory chorus in a special showcase performance. The performance was free for the school community as well as to any special guests.

Conducted by Stephen Squire and Cheryl Frazes Hill, both of the strong ensembles took to Ganz Hall on Wednesday evening, Oct. 24. Together, they performed a special concert to showcase their two months of dedicated rehearsals and musicality for a community that appreciates the meticulous craft of classical music.

The program opened with the 58 musicians that composed of the conservatory’s wind ensemble. They first opened with a piece titled “The Speed of Heat,” which featured a high level of intense difficulty and power. It was a fast-moving song with high and intense instrumental features that had each orchestra section playing at rapid speeds. It was a grand opening for the showcase that displayed the exceptional talent of the ensemble, providing the audience with a sweet sampling of what was to come next.

One specific piece, however, that was a remarkable stand-out to the audience, as well as to the performers, was a poetic piece about the struggles and survivors of trafficking and addiction. With the chorus carrying the story through song and the orchestra providing fierce instrumentals within the background, “Magdalene” featured special guest narrator, Donna Dozier, who provided a thought-provoking poetic storm about “finding your way home” after a long and arduous battle with the internal struggles of addiction and loss.

Junior soprano soloist, Tiffany Melvin, sang one chapter of the long-winded battle. Melvin then painted the audience a picture of a powerful fight that still fell to vulnerability. The poignant and stunning performance pulled viewers to their feet the second the piece concluded, a standing ovation each ensemble and performer deserved.

Among the four songs performed, an array of soloists and featurettes abetted the pieces with their own certain personality and tone. For starters, Lachlan Grant, Wesley Woodward and Benjamin Shermock on the alto-saxophone, trumpet and clarinet respectively struck out their solos and feature parts with distinct poise and prowess in the opening song, “The Speed of Heat.”

In the more light-hearted piece entitled “One Life Beautiful,” oboist Lauren Breen and flutist Irene Constant Blasco were featured. Each part stuck out during the song, as their parts were strategically well-blended within the powerful orchestra.

Overall, each soloist demonstrated their own talent and personality, yet figured out a genius way to lace a strong sense of professionalism and musicality into their showcase.

If you have an opportunity to go enjoy a night with CCPA’s music conservatory, it is highly encouraged that you do indeed take that opportunity. Take that opportunity to bask under the talent and authentic hard-work of our classical musicians.

Five out of Five Torches

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