Chicago Architecture at its Finest

By Abigail Bovard
Staff Reporter


The Chicago Architecture Center held their annual event, Open House Chicago where different buildings were open for the public to tour for free. The tours offer insight to businesses all across Chicago. Something that cannot be ignored is the beautiful architecture that makes up the personality of Chicago.

Open House Chicago lets everyone discover the beauty of Chicago’s architecture. They offer tours of more than 250 buildings all throughout Chicago. From Downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park, Ukrainian Village and so many more different neighborhoods, everyone can experience the beauty of Chicago’s architecture.

Since the tours are free, everyone can learn something new about a neighborhood, or even their own neighborhood. There is such a diverse range of buildings to tour all throughout the city and each neighborhood has its own unique style of architecture.

Even within Downtown Chicago there are over 50 different locations to tour. Downtown Chicago has a mix of beautiful old buildings and sleek skyscrapers and each location has its own unique businesses.

The Santa Fe Building, located at 224 S. Michigan Ave, had four businesses inside to tour. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Stantec Architecture and Goettsch Partners were all inside. The tours give everyone an inside look into the building’s unique features. The Santa Fe building has huge, round windows that look out into the lake. Not only do the tours give insight to the buildings but also the businesses inside. The Goettsch Partners is an architecture company that has buildings all throughout Chicago and even in other countries.

Down the street from the Santa Fe building, 200 S. Michigan Ave, the building offers tours of CallisonRTKL and The Cliff Dweller’s Club. Both are in the same building and have a completely different look on the inside. The Cliff Dweller’s Club is located on the 22nd floor of the building.

Barbra Murphy, a volunteer with the Chicago Architecture Center, said, “Here, it’s such a beautiful view.” The Cliff Dweller’s Club has a balcony that wraps around showing off the view of the city and Lake Michigan.

Volunteer Margret Mckenna from Chicago said she heard about Open House Chicago from reading the paper and attended it with her friends.

“I read about it in the tribune and attended. We enjoyed it so much we became volunteers,” said Mckenna. Mckenna has been attending for the past four years with her friends.

With the Chicago Architecture Center everyone can enjoy the beauty of Chicago’s buildings. Open House Chicago offers a unique experience that shows off the wonderful architecture across the city.

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