“The Hate U Give” is a Change We Need

Ayumi Davis
Staff Reporter

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The Hate U Give Little Infants F**** Everybody, better known as THUG LIFE. These are the words of Tupac that are exemplified in the film, “The Hate U Give.”

The film tackles issues  ranging from race, police brutality and the plights of the low-income neighborhood. The movie sticks close to the motto given by Tupac, as it describes a situation that America has unfortunately come to know regularly-police shooting African-American teens.

The movie follows Starr Carter, played by Amandla Stenberg (“The Hunger Games”), who witnesses the shooting of childhood friend Khalil Harris by a police officer. The shooting results in an investigation and Starr must muster the courage to speak out for her friend, and in doing so, speaks out for so many others. Her journey in telling her story brings to light the many problems she and others face and her courage to push past.

A powerful, emotional delivery of the African-American point of view is offered. It closely portrays the book it’s based off of, written by Angie Thomas, but the film also offers that which will still allow readers a fresh look at the story. The book received a number of achievements, William C. Morris Award, Printz Honor Book, #1 New York Times Bestseller and more. The film seems to be following suit, earning over $500,000 on opening weekend and a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is original in its telling, focusing on many perspectives about the police discrimination, from the conservative to the outspoken. It talks about the cycle of African Americans who live in low-income neighborhoods and what traps them in the gangs, drugs and violence.

One of the main points in the film brings up a discourse that needs to be heard and that needs to be dealt with-police discrimination that is widespread, not just Caucasian police officers. It is an important point to spread awareness about and to also push the police force to change these prejudices against those of color.

Perspective is also given on people who try to see past color, but as one will learn throughout the film, in order to truly see someone, you must also see their color and understand it. Actors Amandla Stenberg, Common, Russell Hornsby, Regina Hall and many more bring the film to life and offer a tear-jerking performance. The chemistry especially between Russell Hornsby and Amandla Stenberg helped to drive the meaning of the film and the emotional impact, the father teaching his daughter valuable life lessons. The actors also work hard and succeeded in portraying the stereotypes within low-income African American neighborhoods which the characters work to break out of throughout the film, like with Starr and speaking out about Khalil.

The direction, flow and pacing of the film only added to emphasize the impact. The flow and pacing gave moments which the audience could absorb and process fully what was happening, allowing for impact to be felt thoroughly at the climax. The setting chosen for the film helped to give the story authenticity, along with the style and fashion of the characters. Nothing about the film seemed lacking, all working together to really push the message. The film sparks emotions, and most important of all, a conversation, a dialogue that needs to be dealt with and changed for the better.

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