Is Expose Culture Getting Out of Hand?

Darlene Leal
Staff Reporter


Cancel culture copy-1

“The Conners” came back without “Roseanne” due to her controversial tweets. Photo Credit to ABC.

Recently, there has been a slew of videos and tweets exposing the worst sides of both public figures and the general population. Expose culture – interchangeable with cancel culture – has ruined the lives and careers of many, from young adults to media stars, but is that fair?

Expose culture is the newest social media craze where people either expose or retract all support of the lucky person on hand. Some of the latest contenders are social media stars Laura Lee and Manny MUA, celebrities Kanye West and Roseanne and the everyday person that stalks and harasses black and brown people as they try to live their everyday lives.

Question of the day is, should people be held accountable for what they do outside of work and school? To a degree, yes. We are most definitely allowed to say what we want to whom we want, for the most part, but then we would simply be naïve to think we are untouchable by consequences.

Regarding the workforce, I was always told to be cautious about what I say and post online because no job wants to be represented poorly. That was proven to be the case when it came to Roseanne’s recent firing.

Not many companies (or universities) want to be publicly known for keeping a racist on their staff, so why is this still an argument in 2018? It’s simply not a good look on their behalf to not speak against hate, especially in the social climate we live in today.

You can have your personal opinions and you can most definitely say them in the comfort of your home but those rights are signed away within the private sector. If, for whatever reason, you want to publicly display your hate, don’t be surprised when unemployment, or expulsion, comes knocking on your door. Take full responsibility for your actions.

Also, why do people still think they can openly attack people, get filmed, have it posted online for millions to see and get away with it? Many people have fallen down the same path, but are still stunned when they get exposed and have their life “ruined.”

At this point there is no excuse to be openly “problematic” and think you’ll get away with it. There are cameras always watching and social media is too easily accessible. Expose culture is definitely a respectability check.

The only time I think we should take caution of cancel culture is when things are years old. People are capable of growth and to hold something that is five years old against them is unfair, especially if they’ve proven to have changed socially and apologized for whatever behavior they once partook in.

Expose culture is definitely flawed but it pushes people to take full responsibility for their actions and own up to their behavior, in ways not possible before.       

In the age of social media, I think it’s always best to stay cautious and aware of what you say and share online. There simply is no excuse to continue being ignorant online when so many have been made an example of. If you don’t want to be held accountable then don’t give anyone ammunition.

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