SPEED Succeeds with Stress Free Night

Darlene Leal
Staff Reporter


Photo by Zachary Wright

Days before homecoming, SPEED brought back their annual homecoming week, a week full of interactive events for RU students to partake in.

Excited, loud chatter filled the room as enthusiastic college students huddled around the open space on the third floor lounge in the Wabash building. The smells of various essential oils whirled around the room, completely attacking the nose of everyone who entered.

Classical music hummed over the conversations of the attendees of “Relax Night.” On the side there were two separate tables, one with boxed cartons of fruit punch, cookies and water and the other with equipment to create a coconut, sugar and honey based body scrub. On the side of the walls are regular chairs along with four massage chairs.

At the center of the open space was a blue lit oxygen bar surrounded by students with tubes in their noses and around their ears. Every section of the event is evenly populated with students but the clear favorites were the massage chairs and oxygen bar.

Senior hospitality major, Rose Badesch, said that she really enjoyed the ambiance of the lounge because it played with all her senses. “I think they did a really good job trying to plan it out with trying to cover all the senses. With the audio, with the touch, the oxygen bar with the smell,” Badesch said.

Sophomore computer science major, Elizabeth Moreno, said that she really enjoyed the oxygen bar because she’d never seen one previously. Her other favorite part of the event had to be the massage chairs.

Sophomore computer science major, LeVelle Brown Jr., was leaning against the wall and patiently waiting for the massage chairs to be unoccupied. At that point, Brown had only used the oxygen bar but he described really enjoying the experience.

“It was different. Cause this is my first time trying something like that. If you ask me I’d say it’s actually very nice. The smells aren’t overwhelming you,” said Brown, who said he felt like it was calming and relaxing.

Senior biology major, Javonne Sims, said she felt relaxed and using the oxygen bar actually helped clear her sinuses.

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