Potential Students Attend RU’s Undergrad Panel

By: Simon Northrip
Staff Reporter


Photo of Student Resources Fair. Photo by Simon Northrip.

Undergrad Preview Day is one event that is important for potential Roosevelt University students to learn more about living on campus, and talk to staff from all the different academic programs at Roosevelt, except for CCPA. The event took place on Sept. 22 and a similar event will happen in November.

To start off the day, there was a student panel that included Brandon Glynn, president of Student Government Association, Kevin Reppen, president of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Council, Dorian Meighan, member of the Black Student Union and International Student and Jordan Fierst, president of Student Athlete Advisory Council and member of the Roosevelt women’s basketball team.

All four panelists were asked a series of questions of their time here at Roosevelt University, including their decision processes. The questions were asked by Admissions Counselor Jacqueline Butzen, who acted as the host of the panel.

The panelists informed the interested students about events that happened around campus and people that come speak. “Having gone here for three years, we have had so many global and international level speakers come to our university through the Auditorium Theater and those are always my highlights,” Glynn said.

The current students were asked about what activities that they would do off campus since they had mostly mentioned things that they do on campus. “On Tuesday nights, Pizano’s for their, ‘Pizza Night College Night.’ Pretty much buy a drink and get free pizza so you know, ” Meighan said. This drew laughter from some interested students, releasing the tension in the air.  Much of the tension came from the students who appeared to have a nervous energy about the event and how the panel would work out.

A highlight of the panel happened near the middle over the topic of city minimum wage. The initial question asked the panelists who among them have worked on-campus jobs to speak about their experience.

The panelists gave very important information to the students that included the amount of work hours offered to students for on-campus and why the amount of hours is limited to under 12 hours per week. Wages were spoken about during the conversation about on-campus jobs which led to a funny reaction by Reppen. “You make city minimum wage, so whatever the city minimum wage is that is what you are making,” Reppen answered, “So, $11 dollars an hour.” Meighan replied, “It’s $12 now.” Reppen responded with “Wow.” Reppen’s response elicited laughter from the students and families who attended the panel making the event more laidback and more easygoing.

After the panel there were options for the prospective students to go to the student resources fair or the counseling center to talk to admissions counselors. The student resources fair allows for students to talk with faculty from all the different departments of the school except for those departments and faculty in the CCPA.

Juli Rowen, the assistant dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, described the event as “a good chance to explore” the opportunities of Roosevelt and its academics. Rowen continued by stating, “Prospective students are getting to meet and chat one on one with the faculty that will actually be teaching them, so it gives them an excellent opportunity to find out specifically about the academic programs that might be a good fit for them, and we hope Roosevelt would be a good fit for them, too.”

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