RU Remembers Jimmy Dooley

by Drew Modjeski


Jimmy Dooley died on Aug 4, 2018. He would have been a senior media studies major. Courtesy of Jimmy Dooley.

Roosevelt University lost one of its own on Aug 4, 2018 when Jimmy Dooley, 22, died. Dooley was going into his senior year, and was finishing up his bachelor’s degree in media studies.

Dooley was born in Chicago, but moved to River Forest in 2001 where he lived for the rest of his life. He attended high school at Oak Park and River Forest High School, and played basketball and volleyball, and also participated in choir, for the school until he graduated in 2014.

Outside of Roosevelt, Dooley was an avid musician, playing many instruments including the guitar, and was a part of the Dooley Brothers. Dooley would play in the Dooley Brothers with his father Jim, uncle Mike and cousin Mick.

The Dooley Brothers have been around since the 1960s and play music all across the state

Dooley also coached volleyball and basketball at St. Luke Parish School, which Dooley had attended in his youth.

Besides from his studies, Dooley was a main part of WRBC The Blaze, the radio station at Roosevelt University. He co-hosted the show “RU Positive” which had the goal to “infect Chicago and Roosevelt University with Positivity!” Dooley would have been the station manager for the 2018-19 school year.

“RU Positive” co-host and friend of Dooley, Matt Harlovic had some words about Dooley.

“There’s a lot to say about Jimmy. He, undoubtedly had a positive charisma on and off the air. He was a talented musician and performer. His upbeat attitude was felt by all who met him and I cherish the time we spent together through the radio station. It was priceless,” Harlovic said.

Dooley was known to always be a happy guy and full of energy.

This sentiment is shared by Chijioke Williams, a journalism student at Roosevelt and member of The Blaze, with Williams saying, “Jimmy always raised the energy of a room just by entering it. Sometimes it seemed like he literally radiated good vibes. He put you at ease.”

Dooley was known to be one of the nicest guys, and this part of him will never the halls of Roosevelt.

“Jimmy and Matt Harlovic were the first two people to really welcome me to WRBC. I feel like the least I can do is extend that same welcoming spirit and positive energy to other students, regardless of whether they want to join WRBC,” Williams said.

Williams went on to say that he misses Jimmy and misses working alongside him.  “He was a talented musician and editor, with a great work ethic. I’d really been looking forward to having him on the Blaze again this year, and it is not going to feel the same without him. It already doesn’t.”

Dooley had an impact on whomever he came into contact with. Fellow communications student, Ian Jackson talked about how Dooley affected him.

“Jimmy was always a positive guy. He knew how to brighten up a room with his sense of humor or his positive energy. He always made my day better if I was feeling down or needed a good laugh,” Jackson said. “He will surely be missed. I loved him like a brother, and he knew I was there for him like he was.”

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  1. RU Remembers Jimmy Dooley – Drew Modjeski

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