Roosevelt From a New Perspective

By Abigail Bovard
Staff Reporter


Residence dorms are from floors 14 to 31, with the exception of 16, 17 and 18 as administrative offices. Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University. 

Moving to a new place is scary for everyone, but having a place like Chicago right outside their front door, students are guaranteed to have a fantastic time. Students have the entire city of Chicago at the tips of their fingers. Here at Roosevelt, students come from all over to study their passions.

New students have a lot to figure out within their first month of school. This includes finding their way around school, how classes work in college, how to get around the city, meeting new people and so on. Freshman year can be a scary time for most students. Here is what a few new students had to say about how they are adjusting to their new lives in the Wabash building.
Freshman Stephanie Campoverde, who is majoring in psychology, is originally from Chicago. Campoverde said this on why she chose to stay in Chicago, “I’ve always felt connected to the city”, she feels that Roosevelt is a good place for her to start branching out in social justice.
Freshman marketing major Andrea Lee, from Schaumburg, said the school was in a good location. “Chicago was the perfect location,” said Lee, who always wanted to live in the city.
Freshman elementary major Yazmin Segura, from Mt. Prospect in the northern suburbs, said on why she chose Roosevelt. “It was close, but far from home,” Segura said.
Located in the South Loop, Roosevelt students have the entire city to explore and create new memories. With access to the CTA buses and trains, students can virtually go anywhere they want in the city.
Yuna Hu, a freshman acting major from China, described her favorite Chicago experience so far, “I went to Value Discount today with my friends and it was… wow. I have never been to a place like that before, so it was interesting. All the clothes were only two or four or six bucks and I bought some clothes there,” Hu said.
Roosevelt students, due to the downtown location, have access to many stores, restaurants and other places just steps away from campus.
“Wednesday night we walked to Ulta, it was fun. I always like looking at the city at night,” Lee said.
Students who live in the Wabash have access to all of the fun activities the school and the Resident Assistants put on.
Campoverde said her favorite Roosevelt experience so far was a karaoke night.
Hu said her favorite Roosevelt experience is when she is in CCPA classes. “I love having rehearsals every night with those lovely friends,” Hu said.
Lee said her favorite thing she has done at Roosevelt was an event at the beginning of the semester. “When I went to the Block Party, that was a lot of fun. I like hanging out with my roommates,” Lee said.
College comes with a lot of adjustments and students schedules are one of them. Freshman go from having classes all day, to in college when they have much more freedom throughout the day. Of course, this is not without having more to do for a few classes.

Campoverde said classes for her first semester are going well. “Pretty good, the professors are really helpful,” Campoverde said.
The same goes for Lee and Hu. “Four out of five are going really well and I understand what I am doing,” Lee said.
Hu, a performing arts student, said her classes are going well also. “Classes are great and I love all the theatre classes so much,” Hu said.
With all of the craziness freshman year entails, students want to succeed. Adjusting to college can be difficult for most, but with a great place like Roosevelt, it is an easy transition.


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