GTFO tabling boosts students up for finals

By Kristin McKee
Torch Correspondent

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Photo by Kristin McKee

As finals are quickly approaching, students are sprawled around campus scrambling through flashcards and textbooks and typing away last-minute papers. The stress is at an all-time high this time of year; to ease up the tension, Roosevelt has organized a handful of events for giving students a helping hand.

One of these events was held in the library the past two weeks and named GTFO (Get The Finals Out). Arranged by several of Roosevelt’s organizations including the Writing Center and Academic Success Center, GTFO offered students a chance to seek extra help with final assignments and exams and general tutoring.

“(This event) is meant to help students who need that extra help before they take their finals or in writing their papers,” said Barbara Anderson, head of instruction and learning.

In this study session, students had the opportunity to utilize different stations specific to a subject they looked for help in such as biology, college algebra and writing. If cramming a subject’s material was not what they needed help with, GTFO also provided a time management and study skills station if a student’s weak spot was putting in efficient time to their work or figuring out what study habits best fit their needs.

“We have tutors from different subject areas, and we’re here to represent the library to help students who still need help with their research,” Anderson said.

Everyone needs a break from studying to refuel their energy, so GTFO supplied students with food, coffee and games to give their busy brains a rest and keep them mentally stable.

“(GTFO) is meant to be a service, a little extra boost to get (students) prepared for finishing the term,” said Anderson.

In addition to GTFO, the library will be holding extended hours at the beginning of this week to give students a pleasant and quiet area to study or work. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the library will be open from 7:30 a.m. to midnight. Math tutoring will also be available Monday night until 9 p.m.

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