Departing seniors share their favorite professors at Roosevelt

By Brennan Sullivan

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Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University

As students approach graduation, most are contemplating on the time spent at their soon-to-be alma mater the past four years. Students from all colleges and various majors revealed who their favorite professor has been throughout their course of study and why.

Jonah Meidl-Zahorodny, Criminal Justice
“My favorite professor at Roosevelt has been Eddy Green. He is very personable and excellent at breaking down complex concepts and difficult tasks. He is more than willing to help students outside of the classroom regardless of whether or not they are in his class. I would not have been able to complete my senior thesis with the success that I did without his guidance.”

Taylor Hypes, Sociology
“My favorite professor is Pamela Robert from the sociology department. She is a teacher that pushes you to go beyond your personal best and really makes you feel passionate about the material.”

Bianka Diaz, Hospitality and Tourism
“My favorite professor here at Roosevelt would be Anne Warshaw, she teaches women’s gender justice. She is my favorite professor because the topics she brings to class are inspirational and also very relevant today, so it’s great to spread the word around to others. She brings so much positivity to class and I aspire to be as courageous as she is.”

Claudia Duffy, Media Studies
“Peter Fallon, because he encourages critical thinking and doesn’t try to restrict his students thoughts or ideas.”

Matthew Dunne, Accounting
“I’d have to say that my favorite professor in my undergraduate career here at Roosevelt has been professor Gary Langer. Among many candidates, professor Langer stands out most for me because of the energy and wisdom he brought with him to every class. Although Econ 101 was an introductory class required for all business majors, Langer came to every lecture enthused and organized to help his students succeed.”

Natalie Hernandez, Sociology

“Pamela Robert was my favorite sociology teacher because she was always understanding, if we had to leave class early or needed an extension on assignments, and she attended to her students needs. She stayed on top of emails and always responded to us. She is a very knowledgeable and interesting teacher.”

As May 11 continues to draw closer, graduating students will not forget the impact professors have made in their lives. From being helpful to being a role model, professors make all the difference for some students.

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