Truth or Dare: Dare, skip this movie

By Darlene Leal

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The cast playing a game of truth or dare. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

“Truth or Dare” is not that daring nor is it anything new in the horror genre. It is what is expected when the trailer is watched, and the “twist” doesn’t make it worth a watch.

The plot is outlined in the trailer, five college students are on their spring break and go to Mexico to celebrate. While there, they party, act a fool and somehow end up in a abandoned monastery playing truth or dare with a complete stranger.

It is then that it is revealed that the game is “real” and they will be killed one on one if they don’t abide to its rules.

Of course, nobody listens to the pleads of the stranger warning them of the game’s true intentions and they go home, without a care. Not too soon after they start seeing the words truth or dare around their school and they start being approached by their fellow classmates and friends.

Each person carrying a wicked smile and crazed eyes while asking them, truth or dare. Honestly, that was probably the most unsettling and creepy part of the movie. The “horror” movie relied heavily on jump scares, granted they were planned decently, but almost each time it was expected.

The plot line was predictable and the trailer left little to the imagination. There also should’ve been more interesting dares but the film was much more interested in forcing the truth out of the characters to reveal their hidden secrets.

This was meant to create drama between the group of friends, but it focused too heavily on that. It became a one trick pony for the movie.

The chemistry between the characters was very flat and unbelievable. Usually in horror genres the audience wants to identify or cheer for the protagonist, but slowly the characters grew to be unlikeable.

“Truth or Dare” is not scary, but it is entertaining enough to distract the audience for almost two hours but chances are the movie will never cross the mind ever again.

Two out of five Torches

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