How students cope with stress as finals arrive

By Ryan Rosenberger
Torch Correspondent

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The last day of class is April 20. Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University 

The end of second semester is perhaps the hardest time of the academic year for college students. Summer is within arms’ reach, and the desire to procrastinate is higher than at any other point during the year. Finals are just around the corner and professors just keep piling on the work. When asked about how they deal with the stress, RU students said they handle it in a variety of ways.

Educational studies major Alex Jackson said he takes a break to listen to music. “I take a one hour break to listen to music. Music calms my nerves. Then, I schedule my study time so I do not overwhelm myself,” Jackson said.

Music was brought up a couple of times amongst those who were asked about how they deal stress. Freshman jazz studies major Aminn Ellis said he also turns to music. “I always turn to music. Music is my refuge and no matter what I’m facing, I can rely on it to push me in the direction that I need to go,” Ellis said.

Sophomore journalism major Chijioke Williams took a different approach. Williams said spending his downtime participating in activities that are self-fulfilling really help to the stress away.

“I find that immersing myself in my more creative passions helps me to decompress from the stress of finals. It’s more than a momentary distraction, because I’m still thinking over my academic work in the background, even while I write,” Williams said.

While Williams finds solace in creative endeavors, there are others who cope with their stress by getting away from them.

“Being a music major is a 24/7 job,” sophomore bass performance major Angel Talley said. “So, I find it very relaxing to just get away for a bit. In terms of keeping myself mentally sharp throughout the semester, and more so around finals time, I really like to do yoga,” Talley said. “I do it in the morning when I wake up and before bed as well. I also take lots of short breaks when either practicing or studying.”

Sophomore human resources management major Brianna Hunter also said she likes to get away from anything related to school. “Definitely taking long naps. I’ll also sit down binge watching Netflix while eating my favorite meal,” Hunter said.

As finals arrive, this time of year is perhaps the most difficult for college students. However, as demonstrated, there are many ways that it can be dealt with. Whether it’s listening to music, pursuing creative endeavors or binge watching Netflix, there are a variety of ways in which RU students cope with the stresses that come with the busiest of the year.

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