Fox’s “New Girl” begins final season

By Brennan Sullivan

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Photo courtesy of Fox

Since it premiered in 2011, Fox’s hit comedy “New Girl” has only gained fans and followers of its quirky, tight-knit group of friends in their 30’s, navigating life together in the city of Los Angeles. “New Girl” is basically the modern day version of “Friends.”

I came late to the party and started watching in 2016 via Netflix, nonetheless, I was instantly hooked.

The show begins with its main character, Jessica Day, sitting on the couch of three men whose ad she found on Craigslist to fill an open bedroom in their makeshift loft. Day, a dorky, upbeat middle-school teacher, is out on the street after coming home to find her boyfriend cheating on her.

After discovering that her best friend is a professional model, the boys take her in and watch as their lives turned upside down while learning to live with a girl who loves singing, baking, and anything considered “girly.” I think that this relationship between the boys and Jess that develops in the first season is what got me, and many other watchers, engrossed in the show. Who wouldn’t want to live with three easy-going guys who always have your back and let you cry to them while watching Dirty Dancing for hours on end?

Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Coach and Cece take on dating, breaking up, getting fired, finding new jobs, and ultimately bring comedy to the challenges of getting through everyday life. As the show goes on and the friends grow closer, for some romantically, I felt as if I, too, was one of the gang.

Season six of “New Girl” left us fans with a surprise pregnancy between the newly-wed, Schmidt and Cece and a possible rekindled romance between the once-in-love dynamic duo, Nick and Jess. Winston proposed to his partner-in-crime Aly (literally, they’re cops). Coach moved to New York City with his girlfriend after the conclusion of season 4.

The new and final season aired April 10 with the first episode titled “About Three Years Later.” Comically, season 7 is a flash-forward of the group’s lives about three years into the future. I think like most fans, I was not ecstatic to find out that the new season would take place so far ahead and not where the last season left off.

Cece and Schmidt have a daughter named Ruth Bader Schmidt, Aly and Winston are expecting their first child. Jess and Nick still remain on the balance between dating and long-term commitment. Between the last episode of season 6 and the new episode that just aired, there were so many major milestones that they characters would have encountered, which I think most hard-core fans would have liked to see unfold.

Part of the reason that “New Girl” is so popular is because their lives are so relatable to younger people, struggling to get through life. I think that the new season will still be just as comical and endearing as the last six, but I’m not sure if fans will feel the same obsession over the group as before.

As for the episode itself, it wasn’t up there on my personally ranked list of “Best New Girl Episodes”. Jess’s character has noticeably evolved throughout the seasons and I’m sad to say that now, she’s really not all that funny. The writing for the other characters seemed to be the same where Schmidt was still overly-compulsive, Nick was still nonsensical and easy going, and Winston still charmingly innocent. Perhaps my lack of approval for the season premiere stemmed from a high-expectation and that the character around which the show revolves isn’t the same one that got me hooked.

As we tag along with the modern-day ‘Friends’ group in their last hoorah on television, they will discover what new trials grown-up life will bring them, and hopefully what triumphs as well.


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