Earth month leads to RU’s hybrid course survey

Darlene Leal

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Last week on the RU Laker Life blog, four RU students posted their survey about hybrid courses.

The purpose of the survey is to analyze and improve RU’s sustainability efforts. The survey was created by four students that are taking the ACP/SUST 250 sustainable university course. The questions range from “do you know what a hybrid course is,” “how many hybrid courses have you taken,” “do you prefer online, on-campus, or hybrid” and general questions about the student’s schedule.

It sheds light on the usefulness of hybrid courses, not only in the daily life of students but in conserving energy. “The students were part of the curriculum team, and one of their observations is that online and hybrid courses are means by which we can conserve our energy expenditures by lessening the need for classroom space, which requires lighting, heating, and maintenance; and commuting time/costs for students and faculty,” Professor and Director of Sustainability Studies Mike Bryson said in an email.

Bryson said his students wanted to know the attitudes and experiences of their fellow student body in regards to hybrid courses.

Alexa Robison, a psychology major, saw the positives and negatives in hybrid courses. Robison said, “I feel like it gives students a lot less motivation than actually having to go to class and actually knowing they have a responsibility to go to class. I feel like it’s easier for more students to forget about an online class than an actual class to go to.” But as stated, Robison also saw the positive in hybrid courses. Robison talked about the amount of money she spends on paper and how paper can be saved along with money if there were more hybrid courses.”I honestly do agree with we could have more online classes with that just because we are trying to save more energy” said Robison.

Julia Kukoba, MBA, said she would take a hybrid course if it was offered to MBAs. “In some of my classes we have too much paper. We all have internet and laptops. I don’t need the stacks of paper” said Kukoba. Kukoba said she was pro-hybrid courses due to the saving of paper, environment and energy.

As of now, the results are not finalized, but 71 students have taken the survey as of April 16. “The results will be tabulated and analyzed by the SUST 250 curriculum team, then presented at the April 23 SUST student symposium. The RU community is invited to attend,” Bryson said.

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