SGA Elections Take Place Despite Limited Candidates

By Drew Modjeski
Torch Correspondent

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 9.13.47 PM.png

Due to lack of candidates, the elections were decided before voting took place. Photo by Zachary Wright.

Voting for the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Council positions for the 2018-2019 school year happened from April 9 and ended April 13. Students were able to vote either online through a link sent out or through in person ballots.

However, before a single vote was casted, the elections were virtually already decided. This is because for the three major positions for student government, president, vice president and treasurer, there was only one candidate running for each position.

Current SGA President Alondra Ibarra commented on the limited amount of candidates. “Those were the only members eligible to run that wanted to,” Ibarra said. The candidates are also current members in SGA.

Brandon Glynn for president, Drew Wilson for vice president and Daniel Mula for treasurer were the only names available on the ballot.

A small biography about some of the candidates was provided with the online link for voting. However, only the vice president nominee Drew Wilson’s and the treasurer nominee Daniel Mula’s biography gave any description about their qualifications as to why they should be elected. The president nominee Brandon Glynn’s biography was empty and provided no description.

Throughout the week of voting, more information about the election and in person voting was available in the cafeteria. Students also had the ability to abstain from voting or vote for a write in candidate in place of voting for the nominees provided.

Students around Roosevelt had differing opinions about the lack of candidates to vote for.

“It’s kind of the student bodies fault for not having a greater interest in school politics,” said Mike Johnson, a senior history major at Roosevelt.

“This is my own projection, but maybe the budget crunch the school has been in has made some students apathetic to the student political power of the school, because what can you do if there is no money anyway?” Johnson said.

IMC major Michael Gomez said Roosevelt could have taken steps to prevent this situation.

“To avoid this, students and teachers should take it upon themselves to start nominating students who they feel like could be good candidates for that position,” Gomez said. “That way we avoid there only being one candidate for each position.”

Jeffrey Weiss, a junior journalism major at Roosevelt, described the election as unfair for students.

“In any election there should be more than one person running. If there is not there is not point to even having a vote,” Weiss said.

Senior English major Kennedie Olson there is no point in having an election if there’s only one person to elect.

“I am graduating so I don’t see a point, but I probably would not have anyways,” Olson said.

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