Marchers Sought for Fourth of July and Labor Day Parades

By Angelica Arroyo
Torch Correspondent

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.03.39 PM.png

Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University 

Planning for the parade season may seem far away, but getting a head start on taking opportunities is not.

Dr. Robert Seiser, director of academic partnerships, oversees planning for the Fourth of July in Arlington Heights and the Schaumburg Labor Day parade.

Seiser and his team at Schaumburg are looking for any staff, faculty and students interested in marching during for these two parades.

“The main reason to do anything like this is to let people know who we are, where we are, and what we can offer the northwest suburban community,” said Seiser.

“We have participated in the parades for the past two years. This provides the opportunity to share information with the northwest suburban area about Roosevelt University programs at the Schaumburg and Chicago Campuses,” said Mary Szuch, Student services Support Specialist College of Pharmacy.

The volunteers will walk the parade route and distribute small info cards with candy attached. Volunteers are asked to wear a Roosevelt t-shirt or Roosevelt green, and provide their own transportation, Szuch said. Water and snacks will be provided for volunteers.

If students, staff, or faculty don’t have plans for Labor Day and the Fourth of July, this gives them an opportunity to do something.

Although, the location is an issue for many students who live far from Schaumburg and Arlington Heights.

“… I like being in parades. I’ve been in parades before and I would like to be in this, but it’s just kind of far from me to just drive up there. What would probably motivate me would be like a group bus coming from Roosevelt heading out there,” said Lawrence Thomas, a management major.

“It’s Fourth of July, so I usually spend it with my family or friends, so that’s probably the only factor and I’m not a morning person,” said Nuclear Med. Tech, Kim Cornejo when talking about why she wouldn’t be able to go.

“…Arlington and Schaumburg are pretty far from me, so that would make it a lot easier,” Cornejo added when talking about a bus going from the Chicago campus to the location.

Unfortunately, transportation will not be provided to and from Arlington Heights and Schaumburg.

The Fourth of July Parade is in downtown Arlington Heights located at train stop. From the Ogilvie Transportation Center, students, faculty and staff can take a train to where they need to go. The Schaumburg parade is close to the Municipal Center.

More details will be provided related to where to gather on the actual day of the parade for parade participants.

Szuch has added that if anyone has any questions or would like to participate in either the Arlington Heights Fourth of July Parade or the Schaumburg Labor Day Parade that they can contact her at or by phone at (847) 330-4530.

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