“Love, Simon” is the rom-com we’ve been waiting for

By Kristin McKee
Torch Correspondent

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Photo courtesy of IMP Awards

No one can go wrong with a cheesy romantic-comedy movie every now and then, but there is no fun in watching, fundamentally, the same story over and over again. However, 20th Century Fox’s new film, “Love, Simon” puts a twist on the rom-com stereotype notably because it revolves around a gay teenage boy. It may not be the first time we’re seeing a gay romance on the big screen, but the movie is also a must-see for its other significant features.

Based on Becky Albertalli’s bestselling novel, “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda,” “Love, Simon” tells the story of high school senior Simon Spier (portrayed by Nick Robinson) living the typical life of a teenager. The only difference is that he is hiding his true colors in the closet.

After an unnamed student confesses his homosexuality on their school’s gossip blog, Simon starts emailing him in what becomes an anonymous friendship that evolves into a romance. The story takes a turn, however, when classmate Martin Addison (portrayed by Logan Miller) discovers the e-mails and begins blackmailing Simon. To protect his identity, Simon gives in even if it means jeopardizing his friendships.

“Love, Simon” is obviously not your everyday rom-com film, but it is more than just a story about a gay boy falling in love. From its diverse cast to incredibly informative themes, the film tackles a struggle that most LGBTQ+ stories do not: accepting yourself.

Simon had nothing against being gay nor did his peers (apart from some typical bullies), but he feared he could not continue to be the person that his friends and family had watched him grow up to be.

Not to say that this film dismisses the common struggles of being a part of the LGBTQ+ community such as coming out or judgement from others, but “Love, Simon” displays a side of the struggle that is almost never discussed. It is an important film not just for its representation, but also for its uplifting and encouraging messages that, in the end, is useful to everyone.

Five out of five torches.

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