Blazefest returning to Roosevelt University

By Irma Gomez
Torch Correspondent

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Photo courtesy of The Blaze Twitter

WRBC’s Blazefest is back this year in the Goodman Center on April 20. For six years, Blazefest was held at venues outside of Roosevelt. However, in hopes to include more of Roosevelt’s community, WRBC has brought Blazefest closer to home.

WRBC is RU’s award-winning student-ran radio station, which operates 24 hours on WRBC.FM through the Tune-In app. Traditionally, Blazefest has been an annual music show that highlights local Chicago artists. However, this year WRBC is changing things up.

“In the past, it has just been a stage and a floor for people to stand and listen or dance. We treat it like as if it were a music venue and you were coming to see your favorite artists. But this year we want to have that but things going on in the background too,” station manager Celena Ruiz said.

“This year I wanted to reach out to other student orgs to participate and make it a more festival-type feel – music playing and orgs having activities going on simultaneously,” Ruiz said. “By having it in Goodman it allows for more space and easier access to the event.”

The event is free to Roosevelt students and open to students from neighboring colleges.

Blazefest hold’s five to six acts yearly. While the station is still deciding on performers station The Blaze assures that there will be an array of genres and performers.

“We usually have rappers, singers, alternative artists and bands. We try to mix and include genres that will appeal to all,” station tech director Brad Modjeski said.

As Ruiz’s winds down her tenure as station director, she hopes that this year’s event sets a standard for years to come.

“I hope we have a decent turnout, and people try to step out of their comfort zone,” Ruiz said. “If not for the music, for the other orgs. If not for the other orgs, then for the activities. But in general, I just want students to come together and have a good time,” Ruiz said. “It’s right before the end of the year, it’s a unique get together and there’s really nothing else like it.”

WRBC announced that it will be collaborating with ALAS and RISE organizations and is still open to other organizations that are willing to collaborate with WRBC. To keep up with acts that will be performing and for more information follow them on the WRBC Facebook page and be on the lookout for flyers around campus.

“This is our biggest event of the year and we want to let people know that Roosevelt’s radio station crew are not just hiding in the station but we are part of the community,” Modjeski said.

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