Executive board votes to move CCPA to Schaumburg

By Zachary Wright
Copy Editor

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 3.31.02 PM.png

The College of Performing Arts will be moved to the Schaumburg campus. Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University.

In a historic vote by board members, CCPA will move to the Schaumburg campus this summer as a part of the Make Roosevelt Great Again project.

This upcoming fall, CCPA students will start attending all classes on the Schaumburg campus. The Auditorium Theatre will then allow certain departments, such as the Communications department, to expand into a bigger space.

Currently, the Schaumburg campus is not able to hosts theatre events. Executive board members said it is possible the school may build a small theatre in the future. “But as of right now, there are no plans to create a theatre. It’d costs too much money,” executive board member Monie Hungree said. “They would just have to use the classrooms for space.”

In an effort to save money, the school said they may considered building a separate dorm space on the Schaumburg campus or rent out nearby apartments. The residence life office on campus are expecting other students, who previously could not live in campus, to fill up empty dorm rooms.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Hungree said. “It’s important for them to have their own space. They would be able to use the classrooms as they normally would if they continued to go here. Besides, they’re annoying.”

Although it was thought many students would respond with furor, many support the move to Schaumburg. “I think it’d be beneficial for everyone,” one junior biology major, who chose to remain anonymous, said. “I mean, our labs are so small and they try to fit more students into labs. So, we can expand the lab space into something bigger.”

It has been long rumored the decision was made in January to move CCPA to Schaumburg. The move mirrors the decision to sell the Gage building that was made last year, which uprooted numerous departments like psychology and education to the Auditorium Building. Some students have said the decision came after one executive board member was annoyed from students singing on the elevator. The executive board member claimed to have gotten a headache almost instantaneously from the singing, as well as being annoyed from being bumped into.

However, there are some students who oppose the move. Some students contacted student organization, RISE, to help protest the move to the Schaumburg campus. Protesters started picketing outside of the president’s office.

Other protestors have threatened to start protesting outside on the streets to gather city wide attention about what has been called an “unfair” move. Some students have faced disciplinary action by the student conduct office, where they were told they may face suspension for damaging school property or inciting violence on campus.

“It’s pretty obvious that those who support this are just so jealous of us. I mean, like, we totally keep this school alive,” an anonymous interpretive dance major said. “Seriously, without us, this school would be nothing.”

While RU faces backlash for it’s decision, there are some CCPA students who support the decision. “It’s a whole new world for us,” Tess Pianne, vocal jazz major said. “I mean, artists have residencies around the world. So, why would it be any different for real artists like us?”

*This is an article from the Scorch, the annual satire issue of the Torch*

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