University Center undergoing extensive renovations

By Ryan Rosenberger
Torch Correspondent

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 1.22.55 PM.png

The University Center houses students from Roosevelt and many other universities. Photo courtesy of University Center.

The University Center, one of Roosevelt’s two on-campus housing options, is currently undergoing extensive renovations.

These renovations started on the 18th floor and are continuing to the bottom floor. A brand new leasing office was just constructed in the first floor lobby.

The University Center was purchased by the Peak Campus, a student management company, over the summer. Shortly after purchasing the building, they started renovations in early January and hope to finish in August.

Executive Director Brooke Lopeman, who works in the UC management office, said that while the building itself isn’t in bad condition, the renovations were necessary as the inside needed to be brought up to a more modern standard.

“The building is 14 years old, and the bones are still in fantastic shape. But, it was kind of in need of a face lift on the inside,” Lopeman said.

The suites and single bedroom apartments will have new plank-style wood flooring, a fresh coat of paint and new LED lighting in the bathrooms. The apartments will also get living room furniture, kitchen cabinets and countertops. The entire building will also get faster wifi.

In spite of the fact the renovations are on pace to be finished in a timely manner, current residents have voiced concerns about how the operation is being carried out.

Sophomore psychology major Brianna Engstrom said she came back to a messy apartment every day her room was being renovated, despite the fact she was told the workers would do a thorough job of cleaning up.

“The first day, they didn’t even put our beds back on the ground, it was stacked on top of another bed,” Engstrom said. “Two rolls of trim and two razor blades were left out in the open, including one on the floor.”

Echoing the same sentiment was Freshman Psychology Major Rachael Evans.

“I felt like the renovations were very disorganized,” Evans said. “The workers left huge messes and stains on the bathroom sink as well as the floor.”

Junior IMC student Gabe Savin echoed concerns of his own, stating that he had several items stolen from his room.

“I was disappointed to find out that my stuff was missing,” Savin said. “I even went out of my way to take before and after photos. 2 HDMI Chords, a Chicago flag, and a hand crafted steel desk toy were all missing.”

Brooke Lopeman acknowledged the need for residents’ concerns to be addressed and has encouraged them to speak up.

“If there are resident concerns that come up, I think the most important thing for residents to know is that we want to hear them,” Lopeman said. “We want to know what we can do to improve because we are not the ones going back to the room knowing how it was before.”

Despite having some reservations with the process junior math major Michael Sassaman was optimistic about the new changes.

“The time that you had to spend outside of the room was a little inconvenient, but honestly not too terrible,” Sassaman said. “The new wifi will be good to have, and the actual reservations themselves were alright. The paint job is pretty decent, and the new floors are alright.”

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