Roosevelt will not punish incoming students for protesting

By Evi Arthur

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 Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February, many high school students have begun advocating for common sense gun laws to be put into place.

Some of these laws include raising the minimum age for gun sales, more thorough background checks and banning the sale of assault rifles to civilians.

Since these protests began, many high school officials have come forward saying that students who leave school to protest will be suspended. Needville Independent School District in Texas warned students that anybody who joined a walkout or a protest would be suspended for three days, according to CNN.

“It is a shame that schools will punish students for sticking up for their own lives and the protection of those around them when our government is doing nothing about it,” senior women’s and gender studies major Chrissy Hoffman said.

“Children are aware of injustice, and should not be stifled by anyone to remain silent when something horrible is happening,” Hoffman said.

Following these statements, many universities have said admitted students suspended for peacefully protesting will not lose their admittance based on disciplinary actions. As of Feb. 26, Roosevelt University announced via Twitter that their students’ admittance status “will not be impacted by disciplinary action associated with participation in peaceful protests.”

However, this was not a surprise for many students, as Roosevelt University is an institution based on social justice and community involvement. In fact, Roosevelt was founded after students and faculty, including the president, walked out of the Central YMCA College in protest of quotas that kept minorities from enrolling. Shortly after, Roosevelt University was founded.

“It’s been a tradition from day one to have walkouts and peaceful protests,” the director of public relations Laura Janota said.

“Peaceful protests are very important in upholding our safe community, while also allowing members of the community to exercise their civil rights,” Chief of staff Michael Ford said. “All students should be encouraged to exercise their right to peaceful protest without the imposition of unpropitious action.”.

The gun reform movement has been led so far by high schoolers across the country. On Presidents’ Day, a lie-in in front of the White House was organized by Teens for Gun Reform, an organization made up of high school students in the D.C. area, according to CNN.

Other events organized by students consisted of the national school walkout on Mar. 14, organized by EMPOWER, the youth branch of the Women’s March and the March For Our Lives march on Mar. 24.

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