Daniel Biss holds campaign rally at Bottom Lounge

By Ryan Rosenberger
Torch Correspondent

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Jesse Eisenberg makes call for Daniel Biss. Photo courtesy of Daniel Biss Facebook.

Gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss held a campaign rally at the Bottom Lounge music venue in The Near West Side neighborhood.

The rally featured actor Jesse Eisenberg, who has been campaigning for the Biss campaign, giving a speech for the Democratic primary hopeful.

Eisenberg described Biss as “intelligent” and “thoughtful,” and said Biss is somebody who can create real change. Eisenberg said that he isn’t too fond of politicians who have captivating rhetoric, but offer little beyond that. Eisenberg said that his connection to Biss runs deep.

“He grew with my wife in Bloomington, Indiana, where we reside now,” Eisenberg said. “I had a personal connection to him. My mother-in-law ran a domestic violence shelter for 35 years. When she passed away last year, we learned that Daniel was in awe of her dedication to issues such as violence against women.”

He said that after looking through his campaign platform, he was inspired to get involved because he saw this as an opportunity to make a difference.

Eisenberg invited Biss to the stage amidst applause from the crowd.

Biss, who called himself “the middle-class governor,” not only criticized Governor Bruce Rauner’s economic policies, but the economic policies of democratic leadership as well.

“We understand what happens in an Illinois where we go back to what we had before Bruce Rauner became governor. That’s an Illinois with an unfair tax system, has education that’s inadequate in a lot of the state. An Illinois where healthcare is available for some but not all.”

He then spoke about an event that was hosted by the Reverend Jesse Jackson on the South Side of Chicago, with concern to the issues facing the African American community. Pointing out that all Democratic candidates were invited, Biss stated that one of them, J.B Pritzker, did not show up.

“He thinks this race is over, he thinks this is done. He doesn’t feel like he needs to show up anymore,” Biss said. Biss said there’s only one reason as to why this is.

“People like us don’t vote. He thinks that we’re not gonna show up, he thinks that we’re not gonna work hard. He thinks we’re not gonna turn out, he thinks we’re not gonna bring our friends.”

Biss closed out his speech asking his supporters to do whatever they can to bring awareness to his campaign before the upcoming March 20 primary.

“Spend our time knocking on those doors and making those calls. Spend our time texting people and asking them to support this campaign. Spending our time talking on social media, talking in our neighborhoods, with our friends, with our families,” Biss said.

Rebecca Abraham, an intensive care unit nurse, described a story about an encounter that Biss had with a family who had a sick child.

Abraham said Biss found out about a family who had a child who was receiving state services. Once those services were cut off, Biss went to their home to find out what their life was like.

“That’s rare. He didn’t just stay for a couple minutes. He didn’t use it as a photo-op. He stayed for the entire day, and this mom was in awe of that. As an ICU nurse, I know those patients are complicated and it’s amazing that he did that,” Abraham said.

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