Students snapping back on Snapchat’s update

By Michael Gomez
Torch Correspondent

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Photo courtesy of Snapchat

Snapchat – the beloved social media app has shaped up to be the most dominant among many college students – has a total of 200 million monthly active users, according to, a website that monitors social media and content marketing information.

With a recent change, Snapchat might have just dug themselves into a hole.

Snapchat recently released its new design and many users are not happy about it at all. The new layout originally debuted in November but the new look only applied to a limited audience. But this month, the new update gradually started to apply to millions of Snapchat users.

What makes the situation much worse is that people who didn’t even voluntarily update their app, would eventually find a surprise of a new, automatic update. In addition, the stories and incoming Snapchats are on the same page, rewatching stories is difficult, the “discover” page has been replaced with sponsored content and the overall layout is confusing to navigate through, unlike before.

Junior psychology major Emylee Kline said the new update is disorganized and harder to use.

“All the famous people I follow are now on the discover page which promotes stupid things, it’s clear what their motive was in this update,” junior psychology major Emylee Kline said.

The reaction has been so bad that it was a top trending topic on Twitter. There has even been a petition done through the that has already received 1.2 million signatures asking Snapchat to revert back to its older version. There was even a fake tweet that went viral purporting to be from Snapchat stating that it would change back to the old version if it got 50,000 retweets – that tweet ended up getting well over a million retweets.

Junior IMC major Cyd Castro said the new update is confusing.

“Stories are mixed in what chats and the layout is ugly. I haven’t gotten used to it and I miss the old layout,” Castro said.

Snapchat users are frustrated and ready to ditch the app and pick up Instagram’s stories feature as a replacement. However, others find it to be just another adjustment to make.

“I like how my closest friends’ stories show up on the top of the story page. It’s cool how it categorizes everything and how you can see everyone’s Bitmoji,” IMC major Robert Samawi said. “It’s creative, a little more complex but it’s something new. People will adjust.”

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