RU Student Life blog seeking volunteer writers

By Ryan Rosenberger
Torch Correspondent
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Going to a small commuter school like Roosevelt, students can sometimes find that it is hard to stay connected with what’s going on around campus. Roosevelt’s Student Life Blog is trying to bridge this gap – and they’re looking for volunteer writers.

“It plays a role of engagement and community within the people here at Roosevelt,” said Lydia Makdah, a junior IMC major.

Makdah also serves as the social media ambassador, overseeing a lot of the school’s social media accounts, which includes running the blog.

The blog offers a few ideas for those interested, but also leaves an open door for writers to pitch their own ideas.

“The student life blog is a blog that focuses on campus life, living in Chicago and social justice. Students can also propose their own topic,” Makdah said.

Students from the general population think that having more writers for the blog not only would increase awareness about on-campus events to commuter students, but could also serve as a platform to advertise for res life events as well.

“As a resident advisor, I’m always looking for ways to advertise events so that students are able to get involved but there’s not much I’m able to do outside of the res hall and I feel like events happening outside of the res hall don’t get as much attention,” said sophomore resident advisor Shan Wofford, reiterating the sentiment that there needs to be more of a connection between commuter students and students who live in the dorms.

When asked about her own thoughts about the blog, sophomore sociology major Lizzie Kricke mirrored this idea of connectivity: “Making it a space that is inclusive and open for sharing stories, any life advice, and/or a place people can come to rant sounds really great because people can find another resource to get connected with other like-minded folk or even just laugh.”

However, writing for the blog is not the only way to get involved. “We are also looking for students to take over our Instagram account for a day and show us what a Roosevelt Laker’s life looks like,” Lydia Makdah wrote in a blog post calling for volunteer writers.

This blog post can be found in the weekly email from the Center for Student Involvement. The first was sent out on February 19. Students can access the blogs by clicking the “We Want YOU To Take Over” in the headline. Also, students can find the student blogs under the “University Announcements” section after accessing “” on their browser.

The blog itself features lots of pieces written by students about topics ranging from residence life, to finding good places to eat that won’t break the bank and other pieces that students will find relatable.

Along with that, however, the student life blog is a great resource to find out about current happenings on campus, as advertisements for a lot of events are posted there.

Anybody who’s interested in contributing to the student life blog can contact Lydia Makdah by email at for more details.

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