Trump shocks no one with anti-feminist claim

By Evi Arthur

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As of Feb. 7, only 40 percent of the population approve of Trump as president. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Trump came out stating that he was not a feminist. Instead, he said was for all people. Although to some this statement seemed obvious, some were still shocked.

Unfortunately, Trump has not even proven over time that he is for all people, as he claimed in the interview with Morgan. In the 70s, Trump’s real estate company favored white tenants and avoided renting apartments to black people. During his election campaign, he referred to Mexican immigrants as criminals and “rapists” and was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan. More recently, Trump has made repeated attempts to ban Muslim people from entering the country and endorsed and campaigned for Roy Moore, an accused pedophile.

A few reporters on Fox News were surprised and even relieved by this statement. One reporter in particular, Suzanne Venker, wrote about how she was so happy that Trump was not a feminist. She referred to this change from Obama as “a breath of fresh air” then continued by saying, “he knows feminism has nothing to do with equality between the sexes.” Venker then insisted that feminism was “a divisive movement that has little regard for men.”

However, for the rest of us, this statement from Trump was no surprise. It was even funny to think that some hadn’t realized that our president was not outspoken about women’s rights. Trump has shown time and time again that he has no respect for women.

Starting with his frequent comments dating back to the 1980s that simply reduced women to how attractive he thought they were, some of these women included Princess Diana, Olympian Katarina Witt and even his own daughter, Ivanka.

More recently, Trump was found to have frequently rated female contestants on his reality show, “The Apprentice,” and even went so far as to let the contestants know which of them he would sleep with. Most notably, an old interview with Howard Stern was found in which Trump bragged about groping women, claiming at the time that most women wanted him to because he’s famous.

During the 2016 election, all Trump had to say about these statements was that they were all just “locker room talk.” To add insult to injury, he offered no apologies.

Furthermore, Trump has been accused of sexual assault by 21 women; the president has denied all of these allegations.

So, in short, Trump is definitely not a feminist.

Venker’s statement that feminism is not for equality is just wrong. Merriam Webster defines feminism as “the theory of equality between the sexes,” and even went so far as to make it their word of the year for 2017. In society, this idea that feminism is not an equality movement and is solely to raise women to a higher standard than men is very common. However, one of the feminist movement’s goals is to do away with gender roles – the unspoken but universal rules in society that say men shouldn’t cry, and that women should stay in the home.

Feminism is the movement that brought forth the #MeToo movement, in which female and male sexual assault and harassment victims were able to finally have their stories heard.

Furthermore, feminism is the only movement that recognizes things such as toxic masculinity, which conditions men to think that power is equivalent to violence, in addition to the objectification of women.

A president that blatantly rejects a movement at face value without truly understanding what that movement really stands for is far more dangerous. Any person who is unable to open their mind to new ideologies and ideas, especially those ideas that benefit marginalized communities, is not the type of person we should have leading the free world.

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