ALAS reunites for the upcoming year

By Darlene Leal

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 11.33.03 AM

The ALAS meeting commences as the members begin to bond over food and go around the room introducing themselves. Photo by Darlene Leal

A new semester brings along many exciting events for the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS).

On Jan. 30 at 4:30 p.m. in WB 317, ALAS reunited for the first meeting of the semester to welcome any new members and build on their growing friendships. They started the meeting going around the table and introducing themselves, stating their names and majors, which was then followed by a game of two truths and one lie. They all laughed as they tried to figure out the lie of the three statements.

Irma Gomez, the president, redirected their attention to the loteria cards that went around. They played several games for awards of chocolate candy.

That was their first meeting of the semester. Gomez stressed the importance of feeling like a family. Gomez wanted to break through any awkwardness and create a sense of comfort with one another

Gomez said the first event is the “Peace & Love Fest” – a collaboration with multiple organizations at Roosevelt. “This event is to let students mingle and have students be able to do something for Valentine’s Day,” Gomez said.

Andrea Rodriguez has been in ALAS for two semesters and is excited to continue in the organization.

“I want to continue to be part of ALAS because of the other members in ALAS who make everyone feel like family when they join the events and all the helpful information we receive,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is especially excited to take part in the cultural events, for all the members of RU to partake in these events, and her personal involvement in the“Peace and Love Fest” event along with “USHLI.”

ALAS is hoping to host another large event that would also be another collaboration with several RU organizations. “It would be a week where we celebrate all women. Not just Latinas. It would be a panel of leaders. They would talk about being a millennial woman,”  Gomez said.

The event will help students navigate through school, jobs and help steer them to success. There will also be defense classes, which will be split into two sessions in a day. Then a fashion show that will be split into categories, such as a business category which will help students determine how to dress appropriately for jobs.

ALAS also hopes to participate in the community and giving back.

“It’s still  in the works, but we hope to do a service day after ‘Celebrano la Mujer’ week, and that’s going to be charity work in Pilsen or a call marathon for DACA, to push DACA through,” Gomez said. Gomez is still debating on what ALAS will pursue as it’s still early in the semester.

Gomez wants the student body to know that ALAS is an organization for them. “We are the only Latino org in the university, so if you’re passionate about your community or you feel underrepresented this is an org that can help you,” Gomez said.

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