Roosevelt starts Professional Speaker Series on Cyber Security

By David Villegas

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.34.56 PM

Chris Triolo, via Skype from Denver, shows the importance of Cyber Security jobs with Powerpoint slides. Photo by David Villegas.

Roosevelt University is launching a new bachelor’s degree in cyber and information security for the 2018 fall semester. Part of the process to receive National Security Association (NSA) recognition for this degree program is to create a Cyber and Information Security Program Advisory Board.

The Computer Science and Information Technology Department recently held a lecture with Chris Triolo, Global Vice President of Customer Success at Respond Software, to discuss about the importance of training people in cyber security. This is because of a shortage of qualified people with an abundance of job openings.

This lecture was held in Room 560 in the Auditorium Building.

Catherine Campbell, who is the associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, introduced the guest speaker for this lecture.

“I am so excited to have Chris here for our first, sort of official Cyber Club Professionals Speaker Series, where we’re bringing in professionals from the field to talk about a wide range of topics,” Campbell said.

Triolo has been working in the information security field for almost 20 years. He currently serves as a member of the Cyber and Information Security Advisory Board. Triolo, via skype on several big screens around the room, lectured the students present with a powerpoint file he prepared.

“We’re going to let him go through his file a little bit with you so you can see his career trajectory,” said Campbell. “And then he’ll talk to you a little bit more about career opportunities.”

The Chairman of the Computer Science Department, Eric Berkowitz, was also present. He spoke of what this field has to offer.

“I am pretty sure you have seen the endless news stories, which is not a surprise. We have seen all types of problems out there, data breaches are on the rise, etc.,” Berkowitz said. “This field is important for the future.”

During the lecture, he dived into the different types of information security certifications.

They vary from the entry-level credentials such as the Security+ and the Global Information Alliance Certification Security Essentials certifications, to the advanced ones like the Certified Ethical Hacker, the Certified Information System Security Professional and the Certified Information Security Manager certifications.

Triolo pointed out how there is a need for people with these qualifications since there is not much of them in the job market.

“That is a lot of job openings, especially for people in Illinois and Chicago,” he said.

It is not yet currently known what classes will be taught exactly, but more information will be available in the coming months.

“I know that they are building something that is going to be competitive,” said Triolo.

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