Athletic department gets discounted Bulls tickets for students

By Megan Anzures
Torch Correspondent

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Roosevelt’s athletic department has partnered with the Chicago Bulls to give discounted tickets to students. Photo courtesy of  Wikimedia Commons.

Roosevelt students have a chance to buy Chicago Bulls tickets at a discounted rate for their last game on Feb.14 versus the Toronto Raptors.

Director of athletics, John Jaramillo, said the senior manager of group ticket sales for the Chicago Bulls reached out to Jaramillo in early January about having the promotion for a couple games in February.

The promotion was supposed to include the Bulls versus the Minnesota Timberwolves on Feb. 9, but “the tickets sold out too quickly,” said Jaramillo.

Jaramillo also said that even though there is only a promotion on the one game, it is possible in the future that there will be more promotions like this, because they have been done in the past. “I know that we have done this in the past with the Bulls and the White Sox,” said Jaramillo, but, it all depends on how the teams are doing.

According to Jaramillo, teams will usually offer students promotions if the teams are not winning as much during the season to try to sell more tickets. The price for a ticket to a Bulls game is usually $150, but the promo code for RU students drops the price to $75 dollars.

However, the Chicago Bulls senior manager of group ticket sales, Brandon Wright, said that the Bulls have provided the discount for RU students for six games this season and every year, the program continues to grow.

Wright also hopes to expand the promotion program to Roosevelt every year.

“Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with Roosevelt University’s students, faculty and alumni, and to work together on growing the program on an annual basis,” said Wright.

Wright said that the people in the Bulls’ office understand that students are on tight budgets, so this is their way of engaging students and gaining new fans.

The benefits of more Roosevelt students attending Bulls games does not begin and end with discounted tickets. Depending on the amount of students who buy tickets, benefits that are available are “pictures on the court, backstage tours, player autographs, team merchandise, a complimentary Penthouse Suite, and other unique experiences,” said Wright.

Moreover, Wright said that fundraising opportunities are also available to any teams, bands, clubs or any other student organizations.

Students can get their tickets through Ticketmaster using the promo code “RU” for the discount.

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