Dear Roosevelt Community:

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Our new office in AUD 374

It is a new era for our student newspaper. Up until now, our office was located in the Gage building, along with the rest of the Communication department. While moving to a new location is never easy, and this also being a period of great transition for both the department and university as a whole, we are looking forward to creating new memories in a new space here in the Auditorium building.

Now that we are in a more central location, we feel that we will be better connected to the Roosevelt community as a whole. The Torch is hoping that our increased presence in the Auditorium building means that our paper will be able to better write about the issues concerning students and the university by featuring a more varied pool of writers. We hope that the new location of our office (AUD 374) will be a more convenient location for our weekly meetings. We are inviting the whole community to join us as we continue this semester and look forward to next year.

We are proud of the hard work we put into our paper in the past semester, but there is always room for improvement. Going forward, we want to know of ways to better serve your interests. We hope to bring you the news you need to know for the rest of the semester and beyond. We have been your student newspaper since 1945, and we are so excited to be on campus with the rest of the university. As we look ahead to the coming semester, we look forward to creating a dialogue with the rest of the campus on what you would like to see in your student newspaper. We are always open to constructive criticism or suggestions on how we can better serve your interests.

Our jobs are to inform the community of vital issues going on in our university. Any tips, story ideas, or other information can be sent to us so we can be sure to explore the issues that matter to you. We treat our work very seriously and we want to bring you quality work for years to come. We hope our readers can see our new office as a symbol of cohesion between ourselves and the rest of the university.

If you are not interested in writing, then we are always looking for more correspondents who may be looking to expand their video production or photography skills. There is always something going on in Chicago or on campus that we just simply do not have enough writers to cover. That’s why we are asking you. If there’s a newsworthy event that we haven’t covered, then we’d like to invite you to write about it or at least send us pictures or videos.

We are also looking for people who are interested in voicing their opinions. Everyone has an opinion about something. So if you are interested in writing an opinion piece, please remember that it must be well-sourced and about a topic you feel strongly about. The topics are flexible, but we’d prefer them to be relevant to public interests. This includes social movements, politics, society or even Roosevelt (as long as it’s well-sourced and reasonable). We’re welcoming differing opinions that are entirely yours and written in your voice.

We would also welcome more feedback on the paper as the year goes on. We want to hear your thoughts about the scope of our coverage, the look of the paper and whatever else you think we could improve on. Lastly, we would like to thank the greater Roosevelt community here at the Auditorium building for the warm welcome, and for a great start to the Spring semester.

The 2017-2018 Roosevelt Torch Editorial Board

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