Communication department moves to the Auditorium Building

By Megan Anzures
Torch Correspondent

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.09.56 PM

The new communication lab is located in AUD 380 

The communication department finally made its way down the street to join the rest of Roosevelt over winter break on the third floor of the Auditorium Building. Although the move had been difficult because of changes of the moving date, it is now official that all of Chicago campus is on the same lot.

According to Marian Azzaro, the communication department chair, the move to the Auditorium was decided last spring. Many departments moved as early as summer of last year. However, Azzaro said that “because of our labs and everything, we needed more time to move, so we would be the only group left in the Gage.”

From there, Azzaro said, there was a little back and forth on when the actual move date would be.

“There was some discussion about it not happening until the following summer, but then we were told, nope. It’s going to happen now,” she said.

To start the moving phase, professors and staff had to pack up their offices and lab equipment that was moved over the winter break.

“The move was made possible by the herculean efforts by people like Tim Desrochers, our lab manager, and everybody trying to make sure the move happened, including the building services people,” Azzaro said.

Students may have noticed some boxes being broken down or carried through the hall of the third floor, or the slight laughter from professors when asked about the move, but that is only because it is still in progress.

“There’s still faculty settling in and unpacking boxes… but everybody’s got the majority of the stuff they need to teach classes,” Azzaro said.

IMC and English professor Lawrence Fisher said moving isn’t easy. For people like Fisher, it can be difficult to adjust to a new environment. However, in spite of an unfamiliar environment, Fisher sees it as an adventure.

“The surroundings don’t make much of a difference, you find new restaurants and its kind of an adventure,” Fisher said.

Journalism professor, John Fountain, who has been through many transitions throughout his career as a journalist, saw this one as no different as traveling for a story.

“I’m a journalist. Stuff changes, and if you don’t get with it, you get left behind,” he said.

Fountain said the move is beneficial for integration of the communications department with the rest of the school.

“I think it’s good being at the epicenter, at the brain of the university. Hopefully it will be good exposure for the department. People get to see us and we get to see them,” Fountain said.

To welcome all the students and faculty to their new home on the third floor of the Auditorium, Azzaro said there will be a welcoming party sometime in February.

“We had a really great space up in the Gage Building and that’s hard to leave behind, but the move here has been a really good thing for us because we are more visible and accessible for students and everybody,” Azzaro said.

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