Pixar’s ‘Coco’ is a hit

By Darlene Leal

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 10.18.26 AM

Miguel playing the guitar that helps him enter the Land of the Dead.  Photo courtesy of Pixar.

The animated movie “Coco” centers around Dia de Los Muertos and a family creating their offerings to continue their yearly tradition.

The movie specifically follows young Miguel and his family, who are hardworking shoemakers in a lively small village in Mexico. Shoemaking is the only life they are willing to accept for young Miguel, who unfortunately has fallen in love with music. Music is seen as a curse to the family because of a past encounter. Miguel can’t help himself and rebels, trying to figure out a way to display his love of music to the world. While trying to do so, he finds himself accidentally entering the Land of the Dead.

The movie’s visuals are stunning and full of color, just like the holiday. The soundtrack is stunning and filled with a passion that transcends language. The voice acting is spot on with an all Latinx cast.

This movie is funny, charming, filled with warmth and character. It is possibly the most emotionally satisfying movie from Pixar and Disney. The characters within the family are relatable and can remind anyone of a grandmother, uncle, or an aunt. The movie portrayed the importance of family, culture, and language, beautifully and respectively. “Coco” was unexpectedly good.

There is also the important fact that this is the first and real representation of a Latinx family on the mainstream level for Pixar. With the recent controversies with white-washing ethnic characters, it is nice to see representation done right. It is also important for children to see representation and see someone like themselves in media. This is of course doesn’t make the movie exclusively enjoyable for Latinx, but it is nice to see representation in media expanding and branching off. Representation matters, and “Coco” is a winning example.

Five out of five Torches

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