Stranger Things 2: Giving us the answers we need

By Darlene Leal

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 10.00.57 PM

Luke, Dustin, Mike and Will overlooking Hawkins, as a strange storm forms in front of their very eyes. Photo courtesy of Netflix

The wait is over and the nights of binge watching have returned. The Netflix original series, “Stranger Things” is back. The kids of Hawkins, IN, are reunited.

This article will have some spoilers, but nothing that will ruin season two.

The Byers family is together again, but the problems that are within Hawkins have not ended. In fact, they have just started for young Will Byers and his friends. Will is now able to see the Upside Down, and he sees something terrifying coming to Hawkins.

Not only is there the pressure of figuring out what is coming to Hawkins, but there is also a pressure to deal with his now overprotective mother. His friends are also distracted by their own issues. Mike is obsessively trying to reconnect with Eleven, while Luke and Dustin are crushing on the new girl to town, Max.

This season is different in its overall focus. Last season felt very driven by the mystery of Will Byers, and this season felt very character-based. There is a little backstory on all the kids, and the show somewhat dragged as a result. The first season left the audience with many questions, and this season gave too much background that it didn’t leave the audience as desperate for a conclusion.

The ending was cute, until the cliffhanger. They couldn’t leave the audience too happy but overall, the ending was lackluster.

The show is still highly recommended. The overall season was still entertaining, but it wasn’t as captivating as the first. There is still the drama with Will, there are glimpses of Eleven, and there still is a consistent amount of strange things going on because of the labs, but there was a lack of suspense. When Will disappeared there was a consistent need for answers. In this season, the questions are answered, it’s just a matter of finding out why the issue is still continuing.

Four out of five torches.

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