The paralegal program joins College of Arts and Science

By Darlene Leal

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 4.45.37 PM

Picture above is of the new Paralegal program office. Photo by Darlene Leal

With the recent sale of the Gage building, the paralegal program found themselves having to pack their bags and find a new home in the Auditorium building.

When asked about the moving process to the AUD building, Carrie Lausen, director of the paralegal studies program, said, “Overall the move went smoothly. The timing was a bit of a challenge because the move took place about two weeks before the fall semester started, which is a busy time for us.”

Chanita Britton, assistant director of the paralegal studies program said, “No one likes packing, but we got it done.” Jim Fine, paralegal instructor, agreed that the transition was smooth and that he was happy to return to the AUD building, where he originally started.

Both directors agreed that the transition to the new building went well. “It was sad to leave the College of Professional Studies after many years, but everyone in Arts and Sciences has been very welcoming to us,” Lausen said. Both directors are enjoying meeting their new colleagues and learning about all the programs offered at RU.

Lausen said the move made them more aware of the rest of the university. “We feel the same connection with our paralegal students that we did before the move, but we feel more connected to the rest of the university.” Britton added that due to the move, they are now able to participate in more events and have more reach to meet people. Both agreed that they are more aware of all students at RU.

Lausen said, “I recently saw a student getting on an elevator with a very large Xylophone – that was something I never saw in the Gage Building!”

During the change from the buildings, there was also a change of colleges. They were once a part of the College of Professional Studies, but are now grouped with the College of Arts and Science. Lausen explained that it was previously a smaller school, which had its advantages because it was easier to know everyone and it was easier to be familiar with all of the programs in the college. But there are positive outcomes with the bigger switch. Britton added that the changes have given them more resources, support, and more marketing reach to the students.

Lausen said, “We are seeing the benefits of being a part of a larger college such as more individuals with designated responsibilities that we can reach out to for help and advice on all aspects of our program.”

Fine expressed enthusiasm about a potential legal clinic that could bring forth hands on experience for their student body. Fine describes the marketing team, Provost, and the College of Arts and Science all being very supportive of the potential legal clinic. Fine said, “We are really looking to make this a part of the program, and we hope it will last a matter of years. That will be something that will attract students.”

Both directors are very excited of the future possibilities of their program. Lausen believes their involvement with the whole College of Arts and Science Department will only expand their possibilities as they will be working together to involve all subjects.

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