RU Green Throws Halloween Bash for Students

By Megan Anzures

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 5.02.53 PM

Jimmy Dooley performing at the RU Green Halloween Bash. Photo by Megan Anzures

Roosevelt’s student organization RU Green hosted a Halloween party in the Wabash building that was open to all students. On Oct. 25, RU students took to the occasion and costumes ranged from Han Solo and Princess Leia, to a ragdoll, a cat, pirate and a very elaborate Post Malone.

Sustainability studies major, Melissa Ruby, dressed up as Post Malone said that she was “having so much fun.”

At the event RU Green member and media studies major, Jimmy Dooley, performed live on guitar and sang some classic Halloween favorite’s like the Ghostbusters theme song, the Addams Family theme song and Thriller by Michael Jackson as well as hit songs like “Disturbia” by Rihanna and “Where is my Mind” by the Pixies.

“They (the leaders of RU Green) did a great job of orchestrating this whole thing. They know that I play here for a lot of other events here at Roosevelt… the turnout was awesome and we had a great time,” said Dooley.

Transfer students new to Roosevelt, Callie Barnum, biology major and Isabell Kose, histotechnology major wandered into the party looking for a fun Halloween activity. “I love Halloween I like to do something festive for it,” said Barnum. Kose said, “I’m diggin’ the music and candy.”

The party was stocked with free pizza and candy for all the attendees, but the candy wasn’t just your average, big name candy, it was a reflection of RU Green’s goal for the future of Roosevelt.

Yessenia Balcazar, sustainable studies major and president of RU Green, said “RU Green is working to make Roosevelt University a fair trade university.”

Balcazar said the way RU Green is working to make this happen is by putting on an event every semester that features fair trade products. “We decided to stick with the Halloween theme to have this party and incorporate fair trade candy.”

One of the fair trade candies featured at the party was Glee Chewing Gum. Glee is the first fair trade chewing gum and uphold the Fairtrade Certification mark which means it meets social, economic and environmental standards of Fairtrade International. These standards mean that the gum is priced fairly to allow that the farmer and workers get paid fairly, have access to low-interest loans, get better health and education, better training, etc. Also, since fairtrade products practice organic techniques of farming, they are better for the earth and create less pollutants.

Becoming a fairtrade university would mean that Roosevelt would be buying products and foods that meet these types of fairtrade standards. Fair trade is essentially buying products and foods directly from their sources instead of through a middleman to make sure workers and farmers get fair compensation. Fair trade products are a little more expensive, but the premiums on those goods allow to support education, healthcare and the environment.

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