RU celebrates Dia de los Muertos

Jocelyne Soto
Torch Correspondent

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Decorations used as a representation of the celebration of El Dia de los Muertos. Photo By Jocelyne Soto

This past October 31 was the day of Halloween but Roosevelt did not focus solely on this holiday. Different groups such as ALAS and the Academic Success Center came together to organize a celebration in honor of El Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Instead of focusing on the fear that is often associated with Halloween, this event focused on the culture often associated with el Dia de los Muertos.

As expected, there were a great deal of brightly decorated skulls, Mexican food and sweets, and a variety of Latin music genres to go along with it in Wabash 317.There were many students present at this event and contrary to what might have been expected, not all of them were hispanic. There were a variety of different students and it demonstrated one of the main purposes of this event: to bring people together.

This event included professional face painting, card reading, and even a costume contest for those who were dressed up. One such student who dressed up was psychology student Ivanna Ramirez.

She said she wanted to be there because it was a representation of her culture and the event “mashed everything together.” Ramirez said she dressed up as a character named after her favorite video game.

This also demonstrates, that this event was very much a mixture of the two holidays. While it was very much for the day of the dead, many costumes and a few decorations would also be more for Halloween.

People that came were able to socialize and relax while at the event. They enjoyed the different foods provided from tamales to candy.

Of course there were also several students present who participated in the creation of this event.

Senior psychology student John Skaggs felt that the biggest goal was to “bring culture together” and it definitely seems to have worked. According to him this was one of the biggest events of the year so far and the turnout rate was very good.

It was an upbeat but comfortable atmosphere with the Latin music and most everyone seemed to be open to conversation. There were those who went because of friends but also managed to enjoy the event themselves as well.

El dia de los muertos is an important holiday and deserves the recognition it receives. When asked why it should continue to be celebrated, Psychology Junior Noe Vasquez said, “It’s important to keep alive the tradition.” He felt that a good job was done in showing the spirit of the day of the dead.

Roosevelt prides itself on bringing people together and the work of an event like this truly was successful for this purpose.

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