Roosevelt Adopts Priority Registration

By Adnan Basic

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The Office of Registration is on 1M of the Wabash Building. Photo by Adnan Basic

Roosevelt University has adopted priority registration for the 2018 spring semester onward. Priority registration means that students who have a higher amount of credit hours at Roosevelt will get first selection at picking their classes for the following semester. This will be a change from previous school years, where the grade level of a student did not affect when they signed up for classes.

This decision will make Roosevelt like most schools across the nation who already have priority registration in place. Katrina Coakley, the associate provost at student success, described why this was a smart decision made by the university.

“Priority registration gives current students at every level the opportunity to register before new students,” said Coakley.

This is done for a multitude of reasons. Some seniors need to take a few classes their final year to make sure they graduate, so they are given priority registration to make sure those classes don’t fill up before they can complete them.

This change will also allow older students the benefit of being able to schedule classes at the time they want, making it easier to avoid those dreaded early morning classes. Finally, seniors will be able to guarantee classes with their favorite professors at Roosevelt.

This decision will also help Roosevelt professors themselves. Coakley adds, “It additionally allows faculty to better plan the need to add seats to closed courses with a waiting list or perhaps open up another section of the course.”

If a professor’s class fills up within the first few days of registration, they will be able to add days or seats to their schedule to allow more students to take part in their classes.

This news benefits graduate students and seniors, but will be bittersweet to freshman, who now know they could miss out on certain popular classes next semester. “When I signed up for my fall semester of classes, I didn’t worry about them not being available. Hopefully none of the classes I planned on taking next semester fill up before I can sign up,” said freshman elementary education major Sara Berrum. “At least I know I’ll get first choice when I’m close to graduating.”

Graduate and doctoral students will begin registration first on Nov., the first. The day after, undergraduate seniors will pick their classes. Juniors will start registration on the sixth, with sophomores going on the seventh, and freshman on the eighth. Any veterans or athletes will be the first to go in their respective classes, as their schedules are less flexible in terms of fitting in certain classes.

Students will have to schedule an appointment with their advisors before registering. If a student does not know who their advisor is, they can find out that information by checking their degree works student login on RU Access. If students have any further questions, they can call the office of academic advising at 312-341-4340, or visit their offices at the Wabash building on the mezzanine level on the second floor.

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