Netflix’s “The Babysitter” is just enough

By: Darlene Leal

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 9.09.45 PM

“The Babysitter” Cast. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Bullies, a satanic cult, a game of spin the bottle and some blood and gore. Sounds like another classic teenage comedy-horror movie just in time for the holidays.

“The Babysitter” follows young and awkward Cole. He is the typical dorky pre-teen who is shown being bullied at school and babied by his parents at home. The only person treating Cole like a functioning young adult is his babysitter, Bee. She is particularly cool and outgoing; it is easy to see why Cole likes her so much. The most refreshing part of the movie is their relationship because it’s innocent, young and fun.

When Coile finally decides to rebel and see what goes on after he does to bed, he discovers that his babysitter is the leader of a satanic cult. It is then up to Cole, to “man up” and survive the night. The “coming of age” plot has to hit the fast forward button as he has to hastily figure out how to save himself from becoming his babysitter’s next victim.

“The Babysitter” has its pros and cons, starting with the relationship between Bee and Cole. Their relationship is very relatable and believable. The connection between the two characters resembles that between a brother and sister. They are adorable and enduring to watch interact with one another because the two obviously care for one another. The two characters are also entertaining individually. The other characters within the cult, on the other hand, aren’t as believable.

The movie was entertaining enough to cause a few chuckles, but not overly memorable compared to all the other movies competing with “The Babysitter.” If you are bored and need something to watch, it is definitely an option, but it’s nothing to rush to see.

3 out of 5 torches.

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