Cafe Orchid exceeds expectations

By Zachary Wright, Copy Editor

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 7.48.12 PM

Plate of chicken kebab with rice and a salad. Photo by Zachary Wright.

There are certain cuisines that can be difficult to get right. Turkish food is one of them. Turkish food dates back to the Ottoman Empire and ended up being one of the first fusions because Turkish food has a large Levantine influence. Mixed with Ottoman influences, Turkish food became what it is today.

Cafe Orchid is one of the few restaurants that captures the essence of Turkish food which is supposed to be – simple but still full of complex flavors. Cafe Orchid’s menu is identical to that of other restaurants that specialize in this. One thing that sets Cafe Orchid from the rest of the pack is the flavors. They’re absolutely beautiful and consistent throughout the meal. Most of the entrees are served with grains, fresh vegetables and your choice of meat which is typical for what you’d find with Turkish cuisine. The appetizers are also tasty, and large enough to share or eat for your entree.

Another way the restaurant separated themselves from others is that Cafe Orchid feels more homey than others. The dining space is small and intimate which is perfect for a small group or a date. Judging from the outside appearance, it is easy to pass by with just how plain it looks.

However, once you step inside, it’s like a whole different building that takes you to a foreign but familiar place. The dining space is dimly lit with colorful light fixtures, comfortable seating and an outdoor patio that would be perfect during the summer. The restaurant is decorated sparsely with wood, pipes and other small things you’d find a thrift store. Since the space is small, it would be most beneficial to make a reservation so you don’t have to wait and have your friends tell you you’re not allowed to make the decisions anymore.

4 out of 5 torches.

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