RU Reacts to Las Vegas Shooting

By Jocelyne Soto, Reporter

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 Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 

The Las Vegas Shooting on Oct. 1 has led to questions and opinions on the issue of gun control from Roosevelt students.

This shooting which led to over 50 deaths as well as hundreds of injuries, was orchestrated by Stephen Paddock from his room in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

After the event, Paddock ended his life before police were able to reach him. Soon after, Paddock was discovered to have had several weapons at his disposal, including semi-automatic rifles. The question that remains is: what can be done to prevent mass shootings in the future?

The debate of gun control has been active for many years, but what will it take for there to be a change? Would stricter policies have had an impact on the events in Vegas or would it still have happened?

“I have family in Vegas so my initial reaction was to call and check in on them,” said Esper Anza, a sustainability studies major. Even after this shooting and others such as Sandy Hook, Esper felt that nothing would truly change regardless of whether or not they should.

“If they didn’t do anything after the kids, they’re not going to do anything now,” Esper said.

Mass shootings have become a sad reality, yet there have yet to be any changes in regards to gun control. The occurrence in Vegas is the latest in large scale mass shootings and it does not seem as though any legislation will be passed or even seriously considered to actively control access to firearms.

While the shooting in Vegas was horrific, it is not the first or last occurrence of gun violence that has been seen. Because of this, it seems unlikely that new gun laws will be genuinely passed.

This also leads to questions whether or not current gun control policies need a complete overhaul. While it is true that firearms are often used for harmful purposes, many others also use them as a means of protection. With the climate of the streets as dangerous as it is, there are many who feel safer with a firearm in their possession.

“You have people who want to defend themselves and you have a distrust of the police force so it’s, who can we really trust?” said Shakai Shakir, a computer science major.

Not everyone has faith in the police force, and this has a great deal to do with recent incidents of them not acting in the best interests of the citizens. If citizens can no longer find themselves to trust their safety to outside sources, then it seems logical for them to want to do it themselves. If changes in gun control occur, it would then make it much more difficult for these people to obtain their own protection.

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