Filling up at Furama

By Zachary Wright, Copy Editor

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.00.18 PM.png

A few baskets of the choices you are able to get. The shrimp and scallop bun had a chewy, undercooked texture. Photo by Zachary Wright.

Furama, a dim sum restaurant a few blocks west of the Argyle stop, is the perfect place to expand your culinary palate with an extensive menu of old classics and new favorites. While you can order from options that are found in nearly every Chinese restaurant in the country, the specialty here is dim sum. This is a style of Chinese cuisine that dates back to when travelers would stop to rest along with Silk Road in southeastern China. Dim sum was originally enjoyed as a teahouse favorite, eaten with endless cups of tea.

That is what you also get at Furama. You can choose from two menus, one just for the dim sum options. The most expensive dim sum choice is no more than three dollars and comes with enough to share with a small group or just yourself. Like any dim sum restaurant, you can order as much or as a little as you’d like. One thing to note is many of the options are meat based. The vegetarian selection is rather slim, which is surprising since many of the meat options can easily be substituted. Either way, all the choices are delicious. Despite ordering a lot of food, the waiting time is also reasonable – which is a welcomed surprised because there is nothing worse than ordering undercooked food that was compromised in exchange of turnaround time. The waiting staff is also kind and accommodating.

The one downside of Furama is the place itself. It’s bit of a eyesore with old, dated decorations. There is a difference between going for a vintage, classic look compared to just not updating old, unkempt things laying around the place and calling it decoration. That is one of the major downsides which was a lot more distracting than necessary.

Because of the dated, uncared for decoration of the restaurant which makes it feel kind of cheap. Furama gets 3 out of 5 torches.

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