Why you should skip Lavash Mediterranean Grill

By Zachary Wright, Copy Editor

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 5.23.19 PM

One of the options from the restaurant, which was very bland. Photo by Zachary Wright.

Lavash Mediterranean Grill is not as lavish as they seem to be. As you can guess from the name, the restaurant specializes in mediterranean cuisine. Like all kinds of food, it differs from area to area but is predominantly meat based with fresh veggies to go along with.

Now, Lavash offers the traditional meat, grains, and veggies for your meal. Actually, they give you so much that it is enough to share or save for later. The prices are reasonable and won’t break the bank unless you choose the most expensive option which is their lamb – a staple in Mediterranean cuisines and Europe in general. What makes Lavash different from others is that they serve Turkish variations of kebabs or doner.

However, before you get excited about trying your newfound favorite, Lavash is actually very bland. This is disappointing because like Mediterranean food is meant to be full of flavor that takes your tastebuds on a trip. That is not what you’d get here. Despite getting a lot for what you pay, it just isn’t worth the wait – which is pretty long despite being counter service. A place that was mostly empty, counter service should be pretty quick considering there should have been food readily available that is still hot and flavorful.

One thing that is notable to mention is that the restaurant itself is beautiful. The colors all mesh well, making use of nice shades of orange which can be an eyesore when it’s not tasteful. The place it modern which is nice. The bathrooms are clean. The service isn’t very friendly and the wait time is kind of too long like mentioned before. The atmosphere felt kind of awkward. It was so quiet that it felt like eating in a library. Now, the owners and staff were friendly to each other but almost reluctant to serve customers. It felt more like you were that friend that was invited to the party out of pity.

All in all, 2 out of 5 torches.

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