Bewildered! Premieres in Boystown

By Darlene Leal

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Photo by Rick Aguilar Studios.

If you’re a lover of theatrical musicals and you find yourself in Boystown, you should check out Stage 773. The quaint little theatre is just blocks away from the Belmont train stop.

Stage 773 recently had a premiere for “Bewildered” and it was a very enjoyable watch. It is loosely based off the ‘60s charm and the show “Bewitched.” You don’t have to have prior knowledge of the show in order to understand it and that makes it all the more better. It follows two women protagonists, as they both struggle to live “normal lives.”

The story follows Gladys, the nosey neighbor, and Samantha, the neighborhood witch. Gladys is desperate to unravel and puzzle together answers as to the weird occurrences that happen in her neighbor’s house, while Samantha is trying to live a normal life with her husband, daughter and pumpkin son. They both are consistently being pressured to live more normally, Gladys by her husband and Samantha by her husband. It isn’t until Samantha’s mother arrives that things escalate. She’s a proud witch and not afraid to let anyone know.

They played with the area as the musical was very LGBTQ friendly. They made lots of playful jokes regarding the male body, sexual orientation, stereotypes and even made a few political jabs. They tried their best to keep their audience laughing and entertained. They succeeded for the most part thanks to the drag mother woman, the daughter Tabitha who doubled her role as a drunken wife, and the kooky nosey neighbor.

The main strength of the piece lies, really, in the outer message. Even though it was a comedy, it had a meaning to take away. That meaning being that being you is the better than trying to be like someone else and admiring the lifestyle of someone else. In the end, everyone is meant to see their self-worth.

The show is running until Nov. 11.

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