College Democrats Set Agenda for upcoming school year

By Brennan Sullivan, Staff Reporter


Logo of the national student-led College Democrats of America organization.

Like nearly every university across the nation, Roosevelt has started clubs for students wanting to get involved and simply learn more about the political process. The College Democrats of America, or “College Dems” for short, is a nationally recognized, student-led organization that officially represents college students of the Democratic National Committee. It claims over 100,000 members from universities all over the country.

The organization aims to bring all types of students together and encourage their involvement in both the Democratic Party and process itself.

Its constitution says that they “strive to better our country and to promote the principles of equality, opportunity, social justice, and freedom within a just and strong society.”

Roosevelt started their own College Dems club in spring 2016, just as the presidential election was starting to heat up. As most political groups and activists did when the campaign season came to an end, the Roosevelt College Dems’ involvement and advocacy for Democratic issues began to dwindle.

However, sophomore Monika Keturakyte, a transfer student, is trying to revive the club and continue its promotion of the Democratic Party’s key values.

“I really want the club to be involved in local and national issues. I have a tentative agenda of what I would like to accomplish with the club this year,” Keturakyte said.

To help make this goal possible and regain membership, Kerturakyte passed out flyers around campus to inform students on their first meeting that took place Tues. Sept. 26.

Assistant political science professor Phil Hultiquist is the faculty advisor for the group. “…We intend to re-invigorate the program with new membership this fall. Transfer student Monika Keturakyte has led the push and I expect big things from the new cohort,” said Hultquist.

When asked what service the College Dems hoped to bring to other Roosevelt students, Hultiquist said that the students will have the most say in direction the group takes.

“The direction of the College Dems at Roosevelt will be decided by the student-members, but typically, the students will assist in local elections, organize for progressive causes, and network with the Democratic Party and other chapters of College Dems in Chicago and beyond,” Hultquist said.

Hultquist emphasized that the main function of the club is to help students get involved in the democratic decision-making process as it is the best way to get your preferences into the system.

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