Women’s Softball looks to strike out the competition

By Ian Jackson, Contributing Reporter

_KON0130 (1).JPG

Brinn Arwood (55) pitching. Photo courtesy of John Konstantaras/Roosevelt Athletics

With the season coming up soon, coach Aaron Moore and the women’s softball team look to grow as a team as the season goes by.

“That’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to this fall. We’re young again, but we have some quality players like Kelli Jones and Haley Huss that are primed to have good years…” said second year head coach Aaron Moore. He said he is excited to watch the new players grow while the veteran players grow into leaders.

The team plans to have a successful season this year with their core group of rising talent.

“I want to see our pitchers attack hitters on a consistent basis, be aggressive on the bases and at the plate and our defense to play clean. Simple parts of the game, but important for us to take steps to be better,” Moore said.

The Lakers will face tough competition this year but nonetheless, it will be great tests for them as a team to get better.

Coach Moore said the toughest team the Lakers will face is Rock Valley College, a team that has one four softball championships in a row. “They are the class of the junior college circuit and definitely a program to model things after,” said Moore.

Two of the veteran players, Kelli Jones and Haley Huss are looking forward to the season ahead.

“As a team, we have our eyes set on making the conference tournament and being at our best to compete in the tournament. That would be a huge step for the softball program,” Junior infielder/catcher Kelli Jones said. Jones said she is excited to play alongside new players, as well as veteran teammates who make up the current roster.

However, like with seasons past, there will be challenges the women will face outside of matches.

Haley Russ, junior infielder, said one of the top concerns for the team is making sure everyone stays healthy and improves. “Our season is packed into a few short months and it can be a grind so we have to push and focus on staying sharp throughout the winter and spring,” Russ said.

“Staying focused on our goal during the winter months when it doesn’t feel like the season will ever get here is definitely a challenge. We have to make sure that we are putting the work in before the season arrives and then also fighting through a fast paced spring schedule,” Jones said.

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