SGA and SAFAC works out email mishap

By Darlene Leal, Reporter

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 6.18.35 PM.png

Town hall meeting that took place on Sept. 14, 2017. Photo by Darlene Leal.  

Student Government Association, SAFAC, and other members of the student body attended a town hall meeting regarding a concerned email discussing the future of SAFAC’s funding.

In the email, it was mistakenly thought that student government would be controlling their funding. This raised the issue about the amount of power student government has, since they were able to put SAFAC under them.

The issue was on both sides. Student Government decided to put SAFAC under them, without including SAFAC’s input.

Alondra Ibarra, SGA president, said it was within the best intention for the students. SAFAC sent out the email without the full and correct information. The only correct information stated on the email was that SGA had put SAFAC under them.

For half an hour, the two organizations expressed their concerns, with an occasional pitch from a student in the crowd.

At some point within the town hall meeting, a student stood up and asked that both SAFAC and SGA find a compromise for the better of the student body. By the end of the meeting, both Ibarra and Baylee Allen, a Center for Student Involvement representative of SAFAC, reached an agreement to ensure that SAFAC would no longer be under SGA.

Ibarra said she would like to focus on working more with all organizations, including students who may not be a member of one. She talked about wanting to make Skype available for SGA meetings, along with trying to include more commuter students.

“Especially after this SAFAC thing, it made us realize that there are students out there who are not a part of orgs. And because of that sometimes, they don’t have access to SGA or knowing who we are,” said Ibarra. The SGA president says the organization is working harder to reach out to students.

Allen said she wants nothing more than to work towards giving a voice to the students.  

She states that she wants the information more accessible to the the student body and she hopes SGA and SAFAC can work closely to create a more democratic process for the funds allocation. “Ultimately, we want to make being in an organization more feasible, especially for our commuters and non-traditional students.”

Allen said that SGA had no ill-intent, and that they wanted the best for the student body, but the results were not what the majority of students wanted. Allen sees this whole experience as a practice towards a more democratic way of settling things and hopes that this will get students more involved. “We will work together as two organizations to build campus participation.”

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