RU reacts to Hillary Clinton coming to Roosevelt

By Vanessa Leal, Staff Reporter

Wikimedia Hillary

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Starting this September, Hillary Clinton will be touring the U.S. and Canada to promote her latest book, “What Happened,” in which she talks about her experiences during the 2016 presidential elections.

The exciting news is her stage in Chicago will be the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University, speaking on Oct. 30. Although it is not an event promoted by RU, it is a big deal to have Hillary Clinton speaking in the campus. Students are interested in attending but the average ticket goes for $200, which may be too much for some RU students.

“I think it is pretty cool that she is coming, I guess we don’t get a lot of politicians here”, said senior biology major, Erisa Dosti. The excitement, however, went down when Dosti heard about the price. “I wouldn’t pay. I mean, I’m a college student … that is way too much for me,” said Dotsi.

Other students, like sophomore psychology major Madison Dunbar, commented on the event despite disliking Clinton.

“I’m not a fan of her [Clinton], but it is still cool that she is coming here,” said Dunbar. On ticket prices, Dunbar, like Dotsi, disapproves over the high prices.

“I think it is stupid. I know it is not through Roosevelt but she is doing it where there are a ton of college student kids,” said Dunbar. She explained states like Illinois have many college students that vote democrat. Dunbar explains it may be difficult for Clinton to garner more support from many students not being able to afford the tickets.

However, some students are indifferent to Clinton’s appearance. Stephanie Pratt, senior paralegal studies major, prefered to stay out of politics and partisanship. “I’m indifferent. I know [Clinton coming] is pretty controversial with a lot of students around here. I’ve heard in classes people talking about it. I try to stay out of politics just because I know feelings can get stepped on,” said Pratt.

Nevertheless, there are students who are excited about Clinton’s appearance. “Since Roosevelt is not a well known school, to have someone who is so well known coming here is a big deal,” said Rosie Pegau, a sophomore criminal justice and sociology major.

“Of course I’m excited! If it is not Donald Trump, how you would not be happy about it?” said film and broadcast production major and exchange student Ares Sirvent.
However, Sirvent was not excited about ticket prices.

“$200 is crazy in my opinion. Maybe if it was Obama, I would pay the money, but not for Hillary Clinton,” Sirvent said.

The Auditorium Theatre, internationally recognized for its acoustics and architecture, has hosted speeches from former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Mckinley and received musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Elton John.

Hillary Clinton now adds to the history of the Theatre. “The Auditorium Theatre is a big theatre, it used to be a very major figure in Chicago,” said Simon Northrip, freshman English major. Northrip said he is glad the prestige of the Theatre continues with a figure like Hillary Clinton.


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  1. It would be much better if the students contributed their $200 to help Haitians to replace the money the Clintons stole money from the assistance funds.


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