Going Undercover at Safehouse

By Zachary Wright, Copy Editor


The burger and fries were overly salty. Photo by Zachary Wright.

Safehouse doesn’t want you to know all the secrets of their Chicago headquarters. It is an exclusive club, accessed only by password (seriously). Those who cannot gain entry from the secret password must earn it. Safehouse set up their operative on Ontario St. less than a year ago after how popular the restaurant was in Milwaukee. Using Chicago as a testing ground, the restaurant hopes to expand nationwide.

However, there are a few things that they’re authorized to let you know. When you step into the entrance, you might notice the performance instead of the production behind it. Keep in mind, despite the frills, Safehouse is a legitimate restaurant. You sit down, you order your drinks and appetizers and your entree and dessert if you want it. The food was tasty but salty. The taste is there but quickly became overpowered by the amount of salt.

Even though the restaurant and bar, is decorated with Austin Powers and James Bond memorabilia, as well as images of Vladimir Putin, the food is actually pretty good. With most restaurants that focus on the ambiance, the quality of the food can suffer. Safehouse is fairly expensive, which is something to consider when going. You can find the menu items in tons of restaurants around the city, for a lot cheaper as well.  The only things that stand out is the names of the food that are also spy themed.

Since Safehouse is focused mostly on the overall experience, it is important to come in with an open mind. It can come off as a little tacky and as one of those tourist traps at amusement parks. The service staff is very kind, and all of them are dedicated to their role.

3 out of 5 torches.

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